Ciao amici!

Everything is great here! I just rested, relaxed, went for a walk etc. It was a very nice day, and the weather is getting better and better! I wanted to dedicate this post to my favorite cafe here in Montepulciano: Caffe Poliziano. It’s gorgeous (check out the view below) and they serve the most amazing drinks, not just cocktails, also special kinds of coffee and tea. Once I drank a cup of tea there that tasted the way the zoo smells. Sounds weird, but it was good haha! I went there with my boyfriend and Wookiee today and ordered a grasshopper, which is a cocktail consisting of creamy goodness combined with mint. My friends think it’s a strange combination, but I love minty milk. ^^ I’ve always thought “If I ever open up my own cafe I’d name it Minty Milk” you never know.. ^^

Enjoy the start of summer x

Caffe PolizianoCaffe PolizianoCaffe Poliziano wookiee dog maltese puppyCaffe Poliziano Tall and tiny Jade


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