Love from Italy


I’m back in Belgium! Actually, I’ve been back for a while already and have even gone to France for a couple of days with friends, so I’m not back from Italy, I’m back from France now. Yay, so much vacation! I haven’t had the time to upload some holiday pictures, so that’s what I’m doing now. Italy was -again- amazing! We went to Firenze, Fiesole, Bagni San Filippo and so much more! Firenze is beautiful, everything there is golden in the sun, there is a lot of art and there are many cool museums, it’s wonderful. Bagni San Filippo is also great, it’s a spa (all natural) where you can sit in the warm water, surrounded by nature, all by yourself, lovely. In Caffe Poliziano I had a coffee with black pepper in it, YUM, and I drank a lot of Esta The this holiday, which is a cool name for a drink, because ‘estate’ means summer. : ) We also visited the Museo Delle Torture, which is full of old torture instruments, creepy! We really enjoyed the sun a lot, but there were also a lot of storms. The weather is really getting weirder… Anyway, my heart lies in Italy, and being home I feel like a part of me is still there.

I’ll post some pictures from France soon!



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Val d’Orcia

Hi everyone!

I’m still enjoying Tuscany, it’s so incredible here… Most of the time we just drive around enjoying the landscape, I especially love the tiny roads in the middle of nowhere. The most beautiful area is called the Val d’Orcia. It’s a golden valley, and driving around in it is amazing! The rest of the time we visit some cities and villages, drink cocktails and eat pizza and ice cream. I visited Etruscan tombs with Derian’s mom which was also very cool (check me and wookiee out in the dark, cute). I’m trying to learn some Italian again, and to get into it, I now call Malteke ‘Maltece’ and Wookiee ‘Wookicina’ doesn’t that sound lovely? Also, we have a pool and I love swimming in my new retro bathing suit!! Check it out below!

Yesterday we got our exam results online and I passed all of them, yay! My sister and Derian also had super grades so we went to our favorite pizzeria called Trattoria di Cagnano. They have the best pizza ever for a ridiculously low price. We also drank a bit of limoncello to celebrate, yum.

Now you can finally see that my hair is shorter by the way, which hasn’t really been obvious in my last couple of posts. I still really love it! I was afraid that I would obsessively look at old pictures and go all “It was so much prettier when it was long!!” but I don’t feel like that at all. It’s nice for a change! And it kind of looks like Bridget Jones’ hair. There is going to be a third book by the way, hooray!!

Last but not least, Derian is reading a book called ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ (which he claims is great) and on the back of the book, it says ‘You’re never too old for an adventure’. I really like that idea, and think it’s a nice thought to end the post with. =)

Enjoy your weekend,

Lots of love


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