Love from Italy


I’m back in Belgium! Actually, I’ve been back for a while already and have even gone to France for a couple of days with friends, so I’m not back from Italy, I’m back from France now. Yay, so much vacation! I haven’t had the time to upload some holiday pictures, so that’s what I’m doing now. Italy was -again- amazing! We went to Firenze, Fiesole, Bagni San Filippo and so much more! Firenze is beautiful, everything there is golden in the sun, there is a lot of art and there are many cool museums, it’s wonderful. Bagni San Filippo is also great, it’s a spa (all natural) where you can sit in the warm water, surrounded by nature, all by yourself, lovely. In Caffe Poliziano I had a coffee with black pepper in it, YUM, and I drank a lot of Esta The this holiday, which is a cool name for a drink, because ‘estate’ means summer. : ) We also visited the Museo Delle Torture, which is full of old torture instruments, creepy! We really enjoyed the sun a lot, but there were also a lot of storms. The weather is really getting weirder… Anyway, my heart lies in Italy, and being home I feel like a part of me is still there.

I’ll post some pictures from France soon!



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