The rebel VS Alice


Quick update! Because we have an exam later on today! This picture was taken a while ago in Antwerp. Elvi is going for the grunge-look: checkered shirt, torn jeans, converse sneakers and all black, except for the lovely collar. Doesn’t she look like a rebel? Jade on the other hand, is going for the alice in wonderland look: rose-earrings, queen-card t-shirt, sweet skirt, cute socks and the nice-girl shoes. And last but not least, don’t you just love that blue sky? ^^

Wish us luck!!


Mary Poppins

Because it was raining all day Jade went brought her beautiful pink umbrella with her to school.

But when we took these pictures the sun suddenly started shining!

How lovely 🙂

And yes, we are aware of the fact that this is not decently photoshopped, but time was short and who cares anyway!