Hi all!

We took another picture at school. Do you like it? Elvi was wearing her adorable panda earrings. Jade wore her dragonfly necklace and earrings she got at Antwerp Fashion Night (check out more HERE). And Jade’s totally loving the Gaga hair ribbon, again! Also, we found ourselves in the Antwerp Fashion Night Official After Video! You can see us at 0:50! When you scroll down you can also see our own AFN video! Last but not least… We have to make something really clear.. Last time we posted a picture on, someone commented: “so cute! love your tights and your daughter’s purse!”. Eh…. We are NOT mother and daughter, come on,  please! : D Does Elvi look 35 or does Jade look 10? We’re 21 and 24 years old and we study together, have a band together and are great friends. But that’s it! Haha we really almost died of laughter when we read that comment!


Tall and tiny

Antwerp Fashion Night

Hi everyone!

Last friday (28/09) was Antwerp Fashion Night, the first fashion night ever in Antwerp! It was about time because Antwerp is a real fashion city! We went to quite some stores and drank free champagne and cocktails, and ate free strawberries, pralines and cupcakes! In the first two pictures, we’re sitting in a shop’s window, where we were spotted by a television cameraman who took these pictures for us! Laura bought a beautiful sweater and amazing earrings, Elvi bought supercool earrings too and Jade bought earrings and a pretty necklace. Don’t forget to check out Jade’s nails, inspired by Drusilla from Buffy the vampire slayer and look at the glasses Laura got for free with her purchase! Afterwards we went to this lovely Jazz cafe called ‘Muze’ and all in all we had a great time!

Love, TNT

ps: tomorrow we will post our Lady Gaga pictures!! xx


You can scroll down now to see us in the official AFN after video at 0:50, and also watch our own personal video!

Manicure @ McDonald’s

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was the beginning of the new schoolterm, so no spare time for us in the upcoming weeks.. Because of that we wanted to enjoy the first day without lessons, so in the morning Laura and Lai-Yan came over to Elvi’s to eat american pancakes and toasted bread with melted cheese (‘tosti’ in dutch!). It was very delicious! Unfortunately Jade wasn’t feeling very well, so she couldn’t be there 😦 After breakfast we painted our nails, we couldn’t finish it before we had to go to school, so we brought my nailpolish with us so we could do it somewhere else during lunchtime! After going to school we had small diner at McDonald’s were we could finish our nails! I made miney mouse inspired nails for Lai-Yan, mint and pink leopard print for Laura and black cats for myself 🙂 The prints weren’t my own idea, I got my pinterest board where I put all sorts of nailart inspiration so I can choose a cute print when I don’t know what to make 🙂

Today was the starting of our lessons, so Jade and I finally made a new picture together! We’ll post it tomorrow. Jade still didn’t feel very well today, so let’s hope she’ll be better soon, because we have to go to Lady Gaga this saturday!! (YAY!!!) And not to forget, this friday’s Antwerp Fashion Night. We’ll be there!!

Xx Elvi

Tall AND tiny

Hi there!

Finally another tall AND tiny picture again! We’ve been sort of separated lately because of the summer exams.. But we just had to post another together-shot. =) Hope you like it! You should take a good look at Elvi’s shoes, aren’t they pretty? ^^ The light is pretty dramatic but it was sunset when the picture was taken. : p We’ve also just decided we will be attending the Antwerp Fashion Night in September with our friends! Hopefully it will be a lot of fun! To see what it’s all about, CLICK HERE.

And don’t forget to listen to our song by clicking HERE!