Happy sweaters

Hello all!

Because of all the school work lately we’re not as happy as usual, especially not with the exams coming up in January! Sometimes you just need to buy a piece of clothing with lots of colours to cheer you up! This is exactly what tiny did last week, she went to H&M and bought this amazing coloured sweater for only 15 euros! The great thing is that all these sweaters have different colour combinations, so there aren’t 2 sweaters with exactly the same colour combination (which is a rare thing for H&M clothing).

Tiny’s skirt is a unique piece of clothing as well, because she already got it when she was 5! She used to play a little indian in it and at that time this was a maxi skirt for her : )

Tall bought her sweater at a second hand shop for only 3 euros! A great deal, because at this moment you can find a lot of clothes with similar prints in all sorts of shops!

For those of you who’d want to shop their own happy sweater, See the collection of happy sweaters we’ve made for you!


Tall & tiny

Tall & tiny - sweaters

happy sweaters to cheer you up!

tiny - flower

tiny loves flowers in her hair

Tall & tiny's favorite happy sweaters

Chinese style

Hi there!

We’ve made an outfitpost to go with our latest song! If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen it here!

It’s a Chinese song, so we thought this look goes very well with it! We hope you like it too!

And please let us know what you think about our songs!

Here’s a list of our previous songs:

Tall & tiny – Inside the whale

Tall & tiny – Flip flop 

Tall & tiny – I like it 

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! The weather is going to be better in Europe, HURRAY!!!


Tall & tiny

purple shades

Hi there!

As you can see, it’s getting colder! It shoudn’t be this way, it should be summer now!

But we have to study for 2 more weeks, so let’s hope there will be nice weather after that 🙂

Now back to study (again..)


Tall & tiny

Class life and good weather

Howdy doo!

Today we took some pictures at school to show you guys what we are usually up to. You can see us in our Chinese class as well as in our calligraphy class. Jade also tried to style her hair according to the ‘ombre’ look which we love! Maybe next week we’ll try some pink or blue? If you look closely you can see she chalked her ends with some pink and blue already.

The weather was awesome today (about time!!) but the weather forecast says it’s going to be very stormy soon and then colder, aww… Well at least we had today. =) Positive thinking!

Singing under the umbrella

It was soo rainy today but we took pictures anyway, because let’s face it, our umbrella’s are also worth a picture. 😉