There and back again

Hi everyone!

Last week we had some days off and combined with the weekend that created a kind of mini vacation for us! Elvi visited some friends in Germany and Jade went to the Belgian Ardennes with her family. We both had such a great time! Unfortunately, that makes the whole ‘going back to school’ thing a lot harder.. But of course, we always have each other and having good friends makes such a difference, doens’t it? : ) So here’s to friendship!

Also, check out our outfits and our new song below!
And PPS: Our post title refers to our little vacation, as well as The Lord of the Rings, who else is really exited to see The Hobbit? We are!!


Tall and tiny



A new picture back together!

Don’t you just love it when friends give you clothes they don’t wear anymore? Our friend Laura gave Jade this beautiful red dress today, as you can see, it looks very pretty on her!