Frightening and Relieving


We’re still working really hard for our exams, which is so exhausting… But the end of the tunnel is getting closer! In about a week from today it’ll be over. That’s relieving as well as frightening. You see, on the one hand we want the exams to be over asap and go lie in the sun with a cocktail in our hands. But on the other hand, we want (and need) more time! We just have too many things to study! Elvi has an exam today, let’s hope it goes well! It should, because she’s been working really hard for it the last couple of days. So thumbs up for her everyone!

Check out these pictures we took a while ago. They were taken when we had to go to this ‘French Sinology’ day and attend lectures that were entirely in French. We had a whale of a time, really, it was super interesting. Considering we don’t speak French, that was sarcasm. Also, the parts that we did understand, we didn’t agree with. So it wasn’t really the bestest of days… But we attended and survived, the way we do!

xx Jade

Tall and tiny pink hair flower floral long

Happy anniversary!


I’ve recently rediscovered my ballet flats. I’ve had them for years, but practically never worn them. Why? I’ve got no idea! I love them paired with skinny jeans. Our friend Laura bought the best flats EVER, the Marc Jacobs studded mouse ballet flats. I admire that she has been working for 2 weeks in a fruit shop just to buy these beauties! They’re totally worth it and I can’t wait to see them in real life. You can already see a pic of her new shoes below.

cute little mouses with studs!!

Normally I haven’t got the time (and will) to put my hair up in a nice hairdo. Although I love beautiful braids and I’m able to do a lot with my long hair (it’s just a bit too heavy to make curls and I need A LOT of bobbypins when I’m wearing it up), but I really have to make time to do it!

And today is a special day, it’s my parents ‘living together’ anniversary AND our dog’s birthday 🙂 My parents have been living together for 38 years by now. Quite an achievement I guess, they were already living together for 6 years when they were my age! So today I’ve baked a cake for them, a chocolate raspberry cheesecake, I used the recipe from the website, but wasn’t able to buy a prepared chocolate crumb pie crust, so instead I used chocolate chip cookies, which I crumbled and mixed with melted butter 🙂


Because there are already A LOT of Wookie and Malteke pics around here and today’s Jack’s 13th birthday he deserves a spot here too 🙂 :

jack staying at my place:

when we both were younger!

our latest pic together 🙂 Happy b-day sweetie!! Xx Elvi

mint mix & pastel pink

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!
I’m very busy with my exams, so I was happy that my friend Laura was able to make a few quick shots of my outfit today! (after eating thai food for lunch!). You can see her in the last photo, actually she has already shot a lot of our photos, so thanks a lot Laura!!

 I love all the pastel colors in my look today, I’m a total mintfreak lately (actually a bit longer than that, because 2 years ago I started painting my furniture in a minty colour as well 😉 )
About the bag, I’ve bought it 2 years ago when I was in China, can you believe I’ve NEVER used it before today? I like it so much at this moment 🙂 Well I’m off to study again, still 2 exams and 1 paper to go!

Xx Tall