Review – Dove Summer Glow


I was always the kind of girl who couldn’t help lying in the sun for hours, without sunscreen. I just don’t burn easily, and tan very nicely, so I always assumed my skin could handle the sun. However, a while ago, I saw a documentary about sun exposure, where they showed young girls a computer made picture of what they would look like 20 years later with- and without tanning in the sun. I was absolutely shocked! without sun exposure, they were beautiful women, and with sun exposure they were wrinkled to the bone!

Also, when I went to Athens with my boyfriend and his sister (and her husband, and her baby), his sister told me that everybody’s skin has a certain amount of times it can be burned. For instance, maybe somebody with very light skin can tolerate being burned for 50 times, and somebody with darker skin can stand to be burned 100 times. But once your ‘turns’ are up, you get skin cancer. So basically, every single time your skin gets burned by the sun, you get one step closer to cancer.

So, to sum up: tanning in the sun equals wrinkles and cancer. Not very pleasant, is it?

tan lotion review

But we all love to have that golden glow over ourselves which makes us look healthy and happy! Of course, there are other ways to achieve this without lying in the sun all day. But are they all equally good? I don’t really know that, because I haven’t tried it all. I don’t like tanning beds because they are known to be very unhealthy. And I’ve always feared tanning spray because they can make you look orange!

However, I’ve read a lot about it, and using a mild tanning spray or lotion is a lot healthier than lying in the sun, so I gave it a go. You should know, tanning is never good for you. Tanning sprays and lotions are the safest and healthiest way to go though. It contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which will tan the upper layer of your skin (and won’t go any deeper than that, like the sun does). The only unhealthy thing about it, is that these chemicals can be harmful when you breathe them in, so be careful with that.

dove summer glow reviewThe product I used was Dove Summer Glow. I chose Dove because it’s the only brand I don’t associate with an overdose of Photoshop. Their models are beautiful, healthy looking women, instead of those super skinny models, who occasionally look orange. I also chose the mildest version of the product, just to be safe.

Apart from being a tanning lotion, it’s also just a good body lotion that takes care of your skin. I’ve read other reviews of this product, saying that it’s too greasy, but I don’t agree. You just need to let it sink in to your skin, and then your skin will feel super soft! You have to make sure you equally divide it over your entire body, and use circular movements. I didn’t use it on my face though, because of my blonde hair (don’t want to become Paris Hilton, I like my face to be white).

One day later, it looks very pretty. It’s just what it says it is: a summer glow. I’m not super tan, but I have a healthy glow, like I’ve been in the sun! And I don’t look orange at all. =) Also, no stripes!


I usually prefer doing things naturally, so I think I won’t use this lotion too often. But it is a good way to tan if you want to stay out of the sun. And if you do decide to go natural, check out these tips:

So anyway, it’s a good product, it’s safe, it’s easy and it’s not too harmful! And also, it’s not that expensive, compared to other products!

But keep in mind, that no matter how you tan, try to do it safely. You’ll thank yourself when you’re older!

Last but not least, for those who love it naturally: melons, apricots, spinach, peppers and carrots contain carotenoids which give your skin that healthy glow you’re looking for. =) So go ahead and eat those!

Love, Jade


Neptune Fizz


Another outfit post! Jade is wearing her H&M sweater again. She’s also wearing a hair clip from the New Look. It’s only €4! She’s also wearing a golden necklace with jade in it, which her grandpa gave to her mom. He said she could have it when she was older, and so when she was about 15 her mom gave it to her. She wears it for good luck as well as for special occassions. = ) Elvi is wearing her DIY galaxy boots and collar clips. She is also wearing a skirt she bought at the Think Twice (second hand shop) for €1. It used to be really long but she changed it and it’s really stylish now! Elvi’s jacket was made by her mom, isn’t it cute? See, creativity runs in the family. ; ) The post is called neptune fizz, because Elvi reminds Jade of space (with all the blue and purple), and it also reminds her of candy (for some reason, maybe all the bright colors?) and neptune fizz is a kind of candy so… well.. There you go! : D

xx TNT

ps: Check out the DIY for the collar clips HERE and the DIY for the galaxy boots HERE!


Elvi's DIY Galaxy boots!

Elvi’s DIY Galaxy boots!

Elvi's DIY collar clips ^^

Elvi’s DIY collar clips ^^

Elvi's mom's jacket

Elvi’s mom’s jacket

Jade's new hair clip from New Look!

Jade’s new hair clip from New Look!

Jade's Jade :)

Jade’s Jade = )