Ho ho ho!

Since the holiday season is upon us we decided to dress all fancy for this post! We divided the post into two sides: the good girl side and the bad girl side. Not that difficult to figure out which is which eh? We used this photo to enter a competition @Chictopia, please oh please vote for us HERE! We also wanted to make a Christmas song! Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to make our own version so we had to download a karaoke version and sing to it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the only version we could find was this awful one, which forced us to either sing too high or too low. We thought it sounded so bad, we kept laughing while recording it. After a while we made the camera blurry, so we wouldn’t really see ourselves being stupid anymore, which actually helped. So… Well.. Basically it sucks! But still we posted it, because it’s funny and we just had to post a Christmas song. Maybe after the exams, in february, we’ll post a better version. Or maybe next year? =) Scroll all the way down to check it out! It’s really cozy here in Leuven by the way! Every street is decorated with little lights.. Jade and her boyfriend went out to get some beignets (which in English is a fritter, no?) and they were delicious! There is also a beautiful carrousel near the Town Hall which you can see below!

Happy holidays everyone!!

Kisses, Tall & tiny


ps: if you want to make our 8th day of Christmas wish come true, donate here! (and feel free to send us those Converse shoes as well)

Winter vibe

We have a lot of work to do so again, only just enough time to do a quick outfit post! Elvi is wearing a top she got from Chictopia. She’s really happy with it, it looks great! She’s also wearing Uggs to get that real winter vibe, which obviously Jade is enjoying as well! Are you enjoying your winter outfits too?

xx Tall and tiny

ps: we’ll be shooting the rest of our video later on today, wish us luck!

Our latest outfits!

Our latest outfits!

Elvi's shirt redeemed from chictopia, thank you!

Elvi’s top was redeemed from chictopia, thank you!

The lovely open back, with her matching bra!

The lovely open back, with her matching bra!

Klimt in the park

Hello all!

Last time I posted a photo on chictopia someone posted a comment saying “TOO CASUAL”. Another time, a while ago someone told us our photo was “too much”. Now I started thinking about this “too”. What is it? What does it mean? What is it based upon? Can something be “too” nowadays? I think not. There is a difference of course, between something esthetically and morally. If you think someone is too skinny and you’re concerned about one’s health, I understand that. But I don’t believe an outfit can be too casual, or too much. Everyone has their own style and personality, and we live in a century where that should be approved and appreciated. So I think the people who comment “too” anything on our photo’s are behaving a little old fashioned. And in capital letters? Now that’s just rude..

That discussion aside, I went to the park today wearing my brand new Romwe klimt leggings! I love them! They’re based upon the painting “Der Kuss“, painted by Gustav Klimt. I love the painting and I love the leggings! I went to the park with my boyfriend and our dogs and it was a great walk. At least it wasn’t raining so bad like last time..

I also got my resit exam results and I nearly passed, but alas, didn’t. Ah well.. I’m glad the rest of my exams in june went well. Now I’m still crossing my fingers for Elvi, go go go!! Oh and do you like my brooch? I also got that from Elvi for my birthday. ^^ And where is it from? Yup, her mom’s store. ; ) Thanks, I love it!


tiny jade

What’s up for spring 2012?

We expect to be seeing a lot of different styles, colors and shapes this spring. But when it comes down to us, we believe this spring stands for pastel: light pink, minty green and ivory white. Our spring style is cheerful and perfect for strong, confident yet very feminine young women. Also, we think flats are going to take over from high heels, and vintage 50’s and 60’s clothes are absolutely hip and unique! As seen before in history, perhaps we will recover from the economical crisis through second hand, happy colored clothes. It’s not only economical, but also ecological! And isn’t stat what 2012 stands for?

If you like our spring style, please vote for us on chictopia and give feedback!!
Spring hug,

Tall and tiny