The Chinese map – 中国地图

Hi everyone!

We both felt a little off yesterday, so Elvi rested at home a little and Jade wore her boyfriend’s sweater (so comfortable..). We also had to make an assignment for school and dear god it was hard! We had to look up this tiny Chinese character in an ancient Chinese atlas. Finding it was so difficult!!

The weekend is almost there, so we’re very happy : )


Tall and tiny

PS: remember we said we’d (try to) translate to Chinese sometimes? Well we did!



周末快要到了,所以我们很高兴 : )


Tall and tiny


Attending Liu Yandong’s visit

Yesterday miss Liu Yandong visited our school, and the both of us got to attend! It was interesting to listen to what she has to say, as well as see what clothes she wears, how she greets people, how she poses for a picture.. It tells us a lot about her, as well as the Chinese in general. It was a true cultural lesson! We also got Belgian and Chinese flags to wave around at her, which of course we loved! Also, as you can see, we found particular joy in waving the flags in front of each other’s faces while taking our pictures!