Take a bow

Hello all!

First of all, happy easter to all of you! We’ve got a 2-week holiday starting today and Jade is spending one week at the Belgium coast! Unfortunately it’s still very cold out here! As you can see at the pics it’s still snowing sometimes and that’s a bit weird for us at this time of the year!

I’m wearing my new moschino dress, my mum bought it for me for only 5 euros! It was second hand and the owner had just worn it once, so I’m so happy with it! The dress is a perfect match with my konplott earrings, which have lace bows in it as well. I adore this cut-out bow!

Enjoy your easterday!



konplott bow lace earrings


moschino bow dress

Romantic dresses





Here’s another look from us, and again we matched clothes without knowing! We both wore a lace dress and looked really girly and romantic! Although we had school, we had a great break going to the chocolate bar drinking all sorts of chocolate milk to celebrate our good friend’s birthday!


Have a lovely evening!




Tall & tiny


DSC09035 DSC09034

tropical winter

Hi to all!

Because it’s getting colder and colder, that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to wear colorful clothes anymore. At least, that’s what WE think! We both like to wear lots of colors (did you notice tiny is NEVER wearing black clothes?).

Here’s an example of us both wearing ‘summerclothes’ but combined with warm leggings and coats, what do you think? We won’t let the cold get to us!

xx Tall and tiny

Today’s happy floral looks

It’s not because it’s getting cold outside that you can’t wear colorful clothes!

Theme: NERD

In a galaxy far far away…

It was nerd themed day! Hey that rhymes! Our first theme is ‘nerd’ and we’re both sporting the nerd look in our own way. Jade is wearing a power rangers t-shirt, and an R2D2 (Star Wars) skirt. To perfect the look, she’s wearing a cute heart printed headband and strawberry printed ballerinas. Also, she’s holding a Tank Girl comic book (which she adores). Elvi is wearing a really nerdy pink shirt and a typical schoolgirl skirt. To finish off the look she added some pink kitten earrings and our adorable Tall and tiny music notebook. We love this look! As a girl, it’s really fun to combine the nerd look with cuteness! And we think we pulled that off pretty nicely, don’t you?


Tall and tiny

Our Nerd inspired looks: power ranger shirt, star wars skirt, schoolgirl skirt, comic book….

Elvi’s fake Marc Jacobs shirt :p

Elvi’s cute kitten earrings.. So pink!

Jade’s Mighty Morphing Power Rangers shirt. It’s morphing time!

Jade’s adorable strawberry shoes

Jade holding one of her favorite comics: Tank Girl!

DIY: galaxy print shoes

Hi there!

Because I’ve got vacation I started a lot of little diy-projects. One of them was making a galaxy print on my old shoes. I didn’t like the colour of my diesel boots anymore, because it faded a bit and became a sort of greyish purple. (and I still have another pair of the exact same boots, so no worries if anything would have gong wrong 😉 But I’m quite happy with the result! )

I’ve seen a lot of diy galaxy print shoes tutorials online, but I wanted to use oil paint instead of spray paint or acrylic paint (I guess these are the most used  materials to paint your shoes). I like oil paint because it’s water resistant and it’s very easy to apply, you can paint wet-on-wet, which means you don’t have to wait till the paint has dryed before applying a new layer. My mum used to make oil paintings, so I had quite a lot of colours to choose from, but the most important colours you need for this are black, white, red and blue (you can make purple if you mix red & blue).

My shoes are made of suede and the paint dryed quite fast. I also painted a pair of converse all stars at the same day, but those are still wet after two days. But for both shoes I’ll wait at least one week to wear them, I don’t want to ruin my clothes with oil paint..

I’ll update this post later when I know what will happen when it’s wet outside and whether the paint will survive or not. Here’s my little tutorial, it’s not difficult to paint, it took me about two hours in total which included cleaning my hands as well. I hope everything’s clear and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

Lots of love,


Geek vs. Romantic

This is a photo we made 2 weeks ago, we just forgot to post it 🙂

Right at this moment the weather is completely different, so please let it be that sunny again!