What we want for christmas!

Hello all!
While in Belgium and Holland the children are still celebrating Sinterklaas today (Sinterklaas is a bit
like Santa Claus, check it here @ Wikipedia) we are already overthinking our Christmas wishlists.
We both love fashion as you know, so the perfect wishlist contains a lot of clothes, but then we were
browsing the internet looking for the perfect clothes and found out that most of the beautiful clothes
we want are a bit out of our budget.. Also, when we read magazines, it always disappoints us that
the clothes in there are so pricy! It’s such a pity they don’t add some less expensive clothes for those
who can’t afford such clothes! That’s why we both made 2 wishlists! 1 perfect dreamy wishlist with
way too expensive clothes for us (right now, that is!) and 1 dreamlist with affordable yet also amazing
Because it’s getting colder Jade choose for warm new pink Uggs shoes and a beautiful warm
wintercoat. Elvi is pretending it’s still summer and chose a lot of great summer dresses, and chose for
darker colors in the affordable wishlist. (You can buy all the clothes we chose @ Zalando, for
more details check the links under the wishlists!)
Which list do you like most?
Tall & tiny
elvi's dreamlist
elvi’s dreamlist van elviism met bustier tops
Jade's dreamlist
Jade’s dreamlist van elviism met mini skirts
elvi's affordable dreamlist
elvi’s affordable dreamlist van elviism met pattern shirts
Jade's affordable dreamlist
Jade’s affordable dreamlist door elviism op Polyvore