Post no. 200!!!


As you can see in the title, this is our 200th post! We thought this would be a good moment to look back at some of our best outfits from the past year. We have worn colourful, crazy, cute, comfy, cool, romantic, girly and great outfits. We like to mix things as you’ve probably noticed ; ) We didn’t have a lot of sun here last year, so it was all about layers! We’re happy to end with sunny outfits (although last week felt like winter here..), but they say the weather will be better soon! Jade is leaving for Italy tomorrow, so expect some sunny posts (and hopefully more sunny pictures from Elvi after she’s back from France in august)!

And just in case you forgot we’re also a band, here’s a video of one of our live performances of “We All”, one of our latest songs!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday!


Tall & tiny

zonder jassen 1

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

1 B foto 1 picie

Our latest outfits!

Our latest outfits!

Tall & tiny - sweaters foto DSC09035 last snow in front of library springlook Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall & tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny

Slayer Style

buffy hair

Hi everyone!

Don’t you love this hairdo? I really do! I’ve been thinking of dying my hair even lighter than it is now, and that would cause my hair to become very dry and frizzy. So I guess I’ll have to cut some off. But when I see Buffy rocking this hairdo, I’m thinking: I could pull it off just as well! Do you think I should go ahead with it? I sure think I should!! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my absolute favorite TV shows. Apart from the storyline and amazing characters, I also really like her style. I took some screenshots of some of my favorite Buffy outfits from season 2, as well as some pictures of her awesome hair. She’s quite the style icon if you ask me. Blurry pictures, but hey, it’s screenshots from a 90’s show.


buffy hair buffy hair buffy jeans paint outfit buffy outfit fashion buffy white lace top buffy sunglasses buffy scruffy white trash look

Do the peace thing


Remember last Thursday when we got all emotional about our last day of school? Well, this picture was taken right after our last class. Don’t we look like almost-graduating sinologists?

Tall and tiny

No, okay, you’re right, we don’t. Maybe if we’d wear glasses and elbow patches…

jade glasses

Nope, still not working. But who cares? We look cool! And kind of Chinese, since Jade is doing the peace thing.

Last week we also let our good friend Cécile braid our hair together, it’s like all kinds of chocolate or different milkshake flavors mixed together.


Darn now we’re hungry.

Review – Lush Toothpaste + Extra photo update


We have some pictures which we have been wanting to share with you for quite a while now, but we just haven’t had the time to do so. So here is an extra long post, filled with pictures from the last couple of weeks!

The first series of pictures was taken this week. Check out Elvi’s amazing updo. All those colors… Woooow….

Tall and tiny Tall and tiny pink green blue hair updo flowers princess

We went out together this tuesday, and on our way home we passed this sign. It says “Het fietsexamen” which stands for a test you can take, to prove you can ride a bicycle. No, you don’t need a driver’s license to be allowed to ride a bike here in Belgium, but if you doubt your bicycle skills, you can take this exam. And now comes the big shocker of the day: Jade is 21 years old and she doesn’t -repeat: doesn’t- know how to ride a bike. She just never learned it, and also she has no insight in traffic. It’s like walking with a monkey or a very small child, even as a pedestrian she hasn’t got a clue where she’s going. We’re all wondering how that’s gonna turn out when she starts driving a car…

Tall and tiny Jade

This picture was taken yesterday. It’s blurry because it was taken very quickly, as it was raining like hell. Some people are setting up a fake circus right outside our school, with statues of elephants, tigers and bears, but we have no idea why. Well, whatever they’re doing, it looked cool and we had to take a picture with the elephant!

Tall and tiny Ladeuze plein

These pictures were taken more than a month ago, when the weather was actually nicer than it is now… Check out how the girl on Elvi’s shirt has the same hair as her, and check out Jade’s little clock!

Tall and tiny long pink hair Tall and tinyTall and tiny clock necklace


Ah, the next part of our post is rather interesting– and disgusting!! Lai-Yan had gotten some free samples from Lush. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love lush. Their products are without a doubt a-ma-zing as well as super animal friendly! However this product was… not their best… And that was a euphemism. It were three little tablets, which smelled awful, and we were supposed to put them in our mouths and then they would start foaming or something and it would be like a natural toothpaste. Didn’t happen. No foam, no toothpaste. Just a wet tablet that tasted like poo inside your mouth. It was disgusting, and we actually felt quite sick after using it… BLEH! Check out Jade’s face after using it, priceless.

Lush toothpaste tablets DSC09324

And last but not least, how ridiculously well do these roller skates match out outfits AND cupcakes? We would look so totally awesome…

colorful pastel roller skates TNTThere you go! All updated now! We hope you enjoyed our post!

Enjoy the weekend!


Horsey horsey


We took another outfit picture, this time in front of this amazing horse statue! It’s next to our school and it’s quite impressive really, so dynamic! We both looked simple in white, yet we always find a way to make our outfits special. For example: the pink shoes, pink sunglasses and yes: pink hair! Elvi is rocking the great girly-dress-with-sneakers combination and Jade is wearing pants. Doesn’t sound too special, but it is, since she hardly ever does. She’s been wearing pants for three days in a row now, what it happening to the universe?!

We wish you a lovely Thursday! (Yes, we have a day off today because of the Ascension of Jesus, yay!)

Tall and tiny

Tall en tiny


Kalimera! Hola!

We’re back! Two weeks ago we both (separately) left on vacation because we had a full week without classes. It was so nice to get away from everything and just enjoy the holiday. Also, the weather in Belgium is cold and the sky is grey, but in Athens and on Tenerife the weather was lovely. Below you can see some of our holiday pictures, as well as our first second semester outfit post! The reason we didn’t post anything last week is because Jade got the flu and she was home all week. But now she’s back and we’re going to take pictures outside again, so they should be getting more interesting again as well. = ) Also, below are two very cheerful songs about holidays, play them while watching the pictures, it’s fun!


Tall and tiny

Outfit picture!

Outfit picture!

Climbing the acropolis, such blue sky!

Climbing the acropolis, such blue sky!

Jade and her boyfriend in front of the erechtheion, cute!

Jade and her boyfriend in front of the erechtheion, cute!

Like a postcard...

Like a postcard…

On the hotel's roof terrace with a view of the acropolis

On the hotel’s roof terrace with a view of the acropolis

Summersy outfit in front of a palm tree

Summersy outfit in front of a palm tree

At the beach on the island of Aegina, so peaceful there

At the beach on the island of Aegina, so peaceful there

Jade and her boyfriend at the quiet Aegina beach, adorable ^^

Jade and her boyfriend at the quiet Aegina beach, adorable ^^

Jade and her boyfriend at the archaeological site on Aegina, so romantic!

Jade and her boyfriend at the archaeological site on Aegina, so romantic!

Elvi Tenerife

At the north side of the island. There’s a lot more green than in the south!

elvi tenerife blue wall

It’s obvious that I’m taller than the people in spain 🙂

elvi sea

enjoying the great view, AND the sunshine of course!


feels like I’m somewhere outta space!

elvi rock

@ costa del silencio in the south, amazing rocks!

me & mum

me & my mum! It was quite windy as you can see, they told us it was always windy in that place, so we were happy that our appartment was somewhere else more sunny!

elvi balcony

the view from our balcony 🙂

elvi vulcano

@ the vulcano

elvi pink braid

Life through a pink lens

Hi everyone!

At last the exams are over!! We’ve got a week off now and are going to make the best out of it! Elvi is going to Tenerife and Jade is going to Athens so exited to just get away from everything and enjoy some time off. ^^ Anyway, since the exams are over, once we’re back from our trips, we’ll be posting much more often again!

But that’s not all the good news, Elvi went a little wild and did what she had dreamed of ever since she was a little kid: she dyed her hair pink! And not just slightly pink, very pink! It’s going to wash out pretty quickly though so the color will fade but it’ll still be pink! ^^ She went to Kinki Kappers, they’re famous in Holland for their extreme haircuts! It took more than 5 hours to dye Elvi’s hair, because she’s got so much and such long hair! (Unfortunately this also meant it became more and more expensive as they needed 6 bottles of paint instead of the usual 1-2..) You can see a funny picture below of Elvi at the hairdresser’s with blonde hair! Jade also dyed her hair a little lighter again, all ready for the sun to come out!

Anyway, below are some pictures of our hair and outfits! In a week from now we’ll upload some great holiday photo’s and from that moment on we’re back baby!

xx Tall and tiny


Going for a walk with my lovelies, in my new H&M skirt


I really love the fabric, it looks like a mermaid’s tail!


Quite the blondie!

elvi amsterdam

With my new hair in Amsterdam!

elvi vintage peacock bag

my new vintage beaded peacock bag, I bought it for only 3 euros!

pink hair braid back

my braid from the back, I love the pink / brown mix 🙂

elvi pink

at first I wanted to dip dye my bangs, but the hairdresser convinced me this would look very nice too, I’m very happy with the result!

elvi pink hair

Yes, it’s PINK ^^

Elvi blond @ kinki kappers

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a blondie after this, it looks WEIRD on me!

All I want for Christmas…

Hi everyone!

I was just browsing online (like I do) and I kept stumbling upon amazing clothes! I decided to create the perfect Christmas outfit! Unfortunately I don’t actually have any of these items but oh.. A girl can dream. =) I really love the combination of bright dark red, minty green (blue) and white. Of course (typically me) I don’t have any of these colors in my wardrobe. How can I have so many clothes and still not have these colors?? Ah well.. Do you like my outfit?
xxx Tiny

ps: if you want to know where to buy these items (to make me really jealous or something) ask away and I’ll let you know!

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.41.52

Click on the items to go to the website where you can buy them!
ballerina shoes
set of bangles
red beaded bangle
mint bracelet
hair flower
heart earrings
flowerbomb perfume
pink nail polish

Mysterious Mondays


Alas, only a quick outfit post today! We’ve been pretty busy again, going to classes, making homework and of course making music! We’re currently working on a Christmas song, yippie! Just a cover, but for now let’s just say… It will be our very own version. ^^ In this picture Elvi is wearing a sweater Jade also has. Well, that’s what happens when you buy your clothes at the H&M, but who cares really? It’s pretty! Jade is proudly wearing her new ear mufflers and is loving the turquoise sweater which Elvi gave to her since she hardly wore it herself. And don’t you love Elvi’s lace collar? Cute! Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you all survived this Monday! You know who else doesn’t like Mondays? Garfield! That cat always makes the day better, so scroll down below for a smile on your face!

Love, T and t


Ready, set, X-mas!

Hi everyone!

At last, finally, yes, the weekend is here! We both had another extremely tiring week due to homework and other projects such as our new music video (which is still in the making). Do you like my new ear mufflers? My boyfrie– ehh I mean Sinterklaas got them for me. It’s funny really, in Belgium, we all wait until after Sinterklaas to start celebrating Christmas and since Sinterklaas was yersterday, today, all of a sudden everybody starts putting up their Christmas trees, hanging little lights everywhere and turning on their Bing Crosby records. I also decorated my apartment today and it looks so lovely! I also bought this red glitter nail polish at the H&M for the holidays. Since it was pretty cheap I thought it wouldn’t be any good, but it actually looks lovely! Also, my boyfriend gave me a set of really cool animal rings. It’s so sweet! Check them out below! And last but not least: a pair of Rudolph earrings! Adorable!

Have you all started decorating yet?

I always wonder what Christmas is like in other countries. My uncle lives in Norway and it’s so pretty there now, just like a postcard, all snowy! On the other hand, there’s the other side of the earth: Australia. I wonder what it’s like there. One of our favorite bloggers Annika Victoria lives in Australia, and it’s like 40° there now! I wonder what Christmas must be like there… So feel free to let me know y’all!

Xx Jadie

Tiny's new ear mufflers!

Tiny’s new ear mufflers!

Pretty festive nail polish eh?

Pretty festive nail polish eh?

Each one really has their own personality =)

Each one really has it’s own personality =)

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

The monkey ornament is Jade's personal favorite!

The circus monkey ornament is Jade’s personal favorite!