All I want for Christmas…

Hi everyone!

I was just browsing online (like I do) and I kept stumbling upon amazing clothes! I decided to create the perfect Christmas outfit! Unfortunately I don’t actually have any of these items but oh.. A girl can dream. =) I really love the combination of bright dark red, minty green (blue) and white. Of course (typically me) I don’t have any of these colors in my wardrobe. How can I have so many clothes and still not have these colors?? Ah well.. Do you like my outfit?
xxx Tiny

ps: if you want to know where to buy these items (to make me really jealous or something) ask away and I’ll let you know!

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.41.52

Click on the items to go to the website where you can buy them!
ballerina shoes
set of bangles
red beaded bangle
mint bracelet
hair flower
heart earrings
flowerbomb perfume
pink nail polish


Mysterious Mondays


Alas, only a quick outfit post today! We’ve been pretty busy again, going to classes, making homework and of course making music! We’re currently working on a Christmas song, yippie! Just a cover, but for now let’s just say… It will be our very own version. ^^ In this picture Elvi is wearing a sweater Jade also has. Well, that’s what happens when you buy your clothes at the H&M, but who cares really? It’s pretty! Jade is proudly wearing her new ear mufflers and is loving the turquoise sweater which Elvi gave to her since she hardly wore it herself. And don’t you love Elvi’s lace collar? Cute! Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you all survived this Monday! You know who else doesn’t like Mondays? Garfield! That cat always makes the day better, so scroll down below for a smile on your face!

Love, T and t


Ready, set, X-mas!

Hi everyone!

At last, finally, yes, the weekend is here! We both had another extremely tiring week due to homework and other projects such as our new music video (which is still in the making). Do you like my new ear mufflers? My boyfrie– ehh I mean Sinterklaas got them for me. It’s funny really, in Belgium, we all wait until after Sinterklaas to start celebrating Christmas and since Sinterklaas was yersterday, today, all of a sudden everybody starts putting up their Christmas trees, hanging little lights everywhere and turning on their Bing Crosby records. I also decorated my apartment today and it looks so lovely! I also bought this red glitter nail polish at the H&M for the holidays. Since it was pretty cheap I thought it wouldn’t be any good, but it actually looks lovely! Also, my boyfriend gave me a set of really cool animal rings. It’s so sweet! Check them out below! And last but not least: a pair of Rudolph earrings! Adorable!

Have you all started decorating yet?

I always wonder what Christmas is like in other countries. My uncle lives in Norway and it’s so pretty there now, just like a postcard, all snowy! On the other hand, there’s the other side of the earth: Australia. I wonder what it’s like there. One of our favorite bloggers Annika Victoria lives in Australia, and it’s like 40° there now! I wonder what Christmas must be like there… So feel free to let me know y’all!

Xx Jadie

Tiny's new ear mufflers!

Tiny’s new ear mufflers!

Pretty festive nail polish eh?

Pretty festive nail polish eh?

Each one really has their own personality =)

Each one really has it’s own personality =)

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer!

The monkey ornament is Jade's personal favorite!

The circus monkey ornament is Jade’s personal favorite!

I love Buddha

Hi everyone!

We went to the library again and -just like perfect students should- worked really hard! After that, we decided to take a look around because (as we’ve said before) that building is really pretty! There is art, there are huge old staircases, big statues… So we decided to do a little photo shoot there! The Buddha statue reminded Jade of the song ‘I love buddha’ which is so lovely… Listen to it below, while watching the pictures. =)

Tomorrow is another theme day!! xxxx T&t

Ps: don’t forget to check out our new song! Listen to it below!

Together in the library, being model students!

Together in the library, being model students!


Our library really is a beautiful building…


Elvi striking a pose


Doesn’t she look like a mermaid in that dress?


So much art there too!


❤ Buddha


And those castle-like stairs… Makes us feel like princesses!


Theme: NERD

In a galaxy far far away…

It was nerd themed day! Hey that rhymes! Our first theme is ‘nerd’ and we’re both sporting the nerd look in our own way. Jade is wearing a power rangers t-shirt, and an R2D2 (Star Wars) skirt. To perfect the look, she’s wearing a cute heart printed headband and strawberry printed ballerinas. Also, she’s holding a Tank Girl comic book (which she adores). Elvi is wearing a really nerdy pink shirt and a typical schoolgirl skirt. To finish off the look she added some pink kitten earrings and our adorable Tall and tiny music notebook. We love this look! As a girl, it’s really fun to combine the nerd look with cuteness! And we think we pulled that off pretty nicely, don’t you?


Tall and tiny

Our Nerd inspired looks: power ranger shirt, star wars skirt, schoolgirl skirt, comic book….

Elvi’s fake Marc Jacobs shirt :p

Elvi’s cute kitten earrings.. So pink!

Jade’s Mighty Morphing Power Rangers shirt. It’s morphing time!

Jade’s adorable strawberry shoes

Jade holding one of her favorite comics: Tank Girl!

Eagerly awaiting Christmas

Ho ho ho!

Okay, we know, it’s a bit soon to start publishing posts that start out with “ho ho ho” but we couldn’t help ourselves! Now that the weather is getting bad, we need something to look forward to! And that is Christmas! Elvi especially longs for a good Christmas, because last year’s Christmas she was in China and really missed out on the genuine Christmas atmosphere: being with your family, delicious Christmas cookies, an actual Christmas tree (not the plastic kind), gifts wrapped in red and green paper, little lights shining bright wherever you go… We love it! Because we are so eagerly awaiting Christmas, we looked a little Christmas-y today. Jade wore a festive red outfit and Elvi wore Christmas accessories! Also, Jade ordered a skirt from for the holidays! Isn’t it pretty? She’s really exited about it and will post a picture when it arrives!

Also, we’d like to congratulate our friend Lai Yan (well, actually we mostly want to congratulate her sister and her sister’s husband) because her sister just gave birth to a lovely baby girl! She is so adorable!! We both got delicious sugar beans today, wrapped in these awesome pink things (they look like fairy wands ^^). Thank you!

Oh, last but not least, from now on we will be posting a themed post every Wednesday or Thursday! So get ready for a great themed post!


Tall and tiny

ps: the new song is coming up!

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

Elvi’s holiday necklace, so cute!

Elvi’s Christmas tree earrings ^^

This is the skirt Jade ordered from Romwe for the holidays!

Mmm sugar beans..

The ‘it’s a girl’ ribbon was kind of superfluous, wasn’t it? :p

The library

Hello everyone!

Check out today’s outfits, do you like them? Jade borrowed Elvi’s nail polish and she loves it because it has the same color as actual jade. Pretty, right? Also, the skirt she is wearing is the same red skirt she wears all the time, turned inside out. Isn’t it great when you can use one piece of clothing in different ways? Elvi’s sneakers are also special because she dyed them herself with paint. Now they have this really deep purple color. Beautiful! Unfortunately, Jade was feeling a little sick today and at the spot where we take our pictures it’s always really cold! So in the first picture below you can see her shivering and waiting for Elvi. Kind of cute, no?

We went to the library for school today. It’s really a lot of work, finding something in those ‘full of tiny Chinese characters’ books. But, eventually, we managed to finish our assignments so we’re very happy! We actually have a beautiful library. It’s really old and is full of beautiful statues and stuff. We take such things for granted because it’s stuff you get used to so quickly, but it’s really really beautiful!


Jadie and Elvi

ps: Jade’s boyfriend’s 8 year old little sister had her nails done by a friend and they were so pretty! Jade took a picture of them. Scroll all the way down to check it out!