Frightening and Relieving


We’re still working really hard for our exams, which is so exhausting… But the end of the tunnel is getting closer! In about a week from today it’ll be over. That’s relieving as well as frightening. You see, on the one hand we want the exams to be over asap and go lie in the sun with a cocktail in our hands. But on the other hand, we want (and need) more time! We just have too many things to study! Elvi has an exam today, let’s hope it goes well! It should, because she’s been working really hard for it the last couple of days. So thumbs up for her everyone!

Check out these pictures we took a while ago. They were taken when we had to go to this ‘French Sinology’ day and attend lectures that were entirely in French. We had a whale of a time, really, it was super interesting. Considering we don’t speak French, that was sarcasm. Also, the parts that we did understand, we didn’t agree with. So it wasn’t really the bestest of days… But we attended and survived, the way we do!

xx Jade

Tall and tiny pink hair flower floral long

Happy sweaters

Hello all!

Because of all the school work lately we’re not as happy as usual, especially not with the exams coming up in January! Sometimes you just need to buy a piece of clothing with lots of colours to cheer you up! This is exactly what tiny did last week, she went to H&M and bought this amazing coloured sweater for only 15 euros! The great thing is that all these sweaters have different colour combinations, so there aren’t 2 sweaters with exactly the same colour combination (which is a rare thing for H&M clothing).

Tiny’s skirt is a unique piece of clothing as well, because she already got it when she was 5! She used to play a little indian in it and at that time this was a maxi skirt for her : )

Tall bought her sweater at a second hand shop for only 3 euros! A great deal, because at this moment you can find a lot of clothes with similar prints in all sorts of shops!

For those of you who’d want to shop their own happy sweater, See the collection of happy sweaters we’ve made for you!


Tall & tiny

Tall & tiny - sweaters

happy sweaters to cheer you up!

tiny - flower

tiny loves flowers in her hair

Tall & tiny's favorite happy sweaters

The romantic look

Hiya! We went for a really romantic look today, and found just the right location to snap it in a picture! Elvi’s reading a bit of bridget Jones’ diary and Jade’s playing her pink PSP. If you scroll down you can see a close up, where you can see Elvi’s curled hair (with thanks to Lai Yan for the effort!) and Jade’s pink pony (which she did with henna and pink chalk). Don’t we just look like sisters on that picture? ^^ We also took some more pictures at school, and as you can see Jade was happy because she won a little contest in class. Last but not least, we are very very happy because in march we entered an international Chinese language exam called 汉语水平考试 (HSK) and yesterday evening we got our results and both passed! We’d also like to congratulate everyone else who passed!

Back to the sixties

Today we both felt like going back into the 60’s. Elvi went for the twiggy look, and Jade took on the hippie style. We also went shopping for jeans and scroll down to see what Elvi’s pants would like like on Jade’s legs. A bit to long, don’t you think? The weather forecast predicts amazing weather so there’ll be some more nice pictures coming up soon!