Bachelorette Party

hey there!

It’s been quite a while since I posted my holiday updates and this is another post about a thing I did during my holiday! Me and one of my best friends I had to organise our best friend’s bachelorette party. We went to Utrecht, surprised her at work with a bunch of other friends and then went to the parc to picknick. We all made something to eat or brought something to drink. Then we went to a restaurant where we had a lovely diner and after that we took a salsa dance class which was a lot of fun! In the end we invited a group of guys to dance with us, another surprise for our friend! We all had a lot of fun and I think the bride had a lovely day too 🙂

Btw, we bought her a bridesdress too and I made her a lace veil to look like a real bride! (as we didn’t want her to walk around in her working clothes all day!)

Here are the pics!



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Happy cupcake to you!


hi there!

Here are the pics from a great evening we had last week! We celebrated our very good friend Lai-Yan’s b-day. Her real birthday was about 6 weeks ago, but we couldn’t find the time to celebrate it, because of our exams! We tried to have a surprise party, but that didn’t work out very well, as jade said something about it by accident to Lai-Yan and she immediately understood what was going on, but she was so kind to pretend she didn’t know (although she did help Elvi make the cupcakes for her own birthdayparty!)
They made cupcakes instead of a birthdaycake and put Happy Birthday candles on top op them. We were very glad with the result, as we all like colour a lot, they made the cupcakes pink and purple with all different sorts of topping on them. They had a lot of fun while making them and we they put A LOT of sugar in the topping, so they were very sweet! (but who doesn’t like sweet cupcakes?)

After eating cupcakes we gave her a lot of presents: a cute white lace H&M dress, earrings, hairclips and a lot of baking stuff. Then we played some games and most of the people left, except for Lai-Yan and us, Jade & Elvi. We spend another 2 hours painting our nails and you can see these nails tomorrow!!

Goodnight, sleep well!


Jade & Elvi


pink cupcake

pink & purple cupcakes, mmmmm!

happy birthday cupcakes

No birthday cake, but happy birthday cupcakes!


all the cupcakes we made!

cute cupcakes

as you can see we like to experiment with our toppings…

pink, mint & orange cupcakes

don’t you just love the mint and pink colour?

Lai-Yan & cupcakes

Lai-Yan and the cupcakes

Elvi & cupcakes

This is actually how we walked the streets to Jade’s house, and yes, people were staring at our cupcakes!

Look how adorable Lai Yan was clapping along when we were singing 'happy birthday' to her ^^

Look how adorable Lai Yan was clapping along when we were singing ‘happy birthday’ to her ^^

Present time!

Present time!

Everyone together in the sofa, cozy!

Everyone together in the sofa, cozy!

Tropical it is!

Hello all!

Just a quick update, because of the upcoming exams (tomorrow we’ve got our first (Chinese grammar) exam) no interesting stories. Just that the weather is perfect! Too bad we have to study all day long..

=Xx-  Tall & tiny

ps. check Jade and her matching lollipop, how cute is that! And check out our friends as well! Don’t you love those summer outfits?