Post no. 200!!!


As you can see in the title, this is our 200th post! We thought this would be a good moment to look back at some of our best outfits from the past year. We have worn colourful, crazy, cute, comfy, cool, romantic, girly and great outfits. We like to mix things as you’ve probably noticed ; ) We didn’t have a lot of sun here last year, so it was all about layers! We’re happy to end with sunny outfits (although last week felt like winter here..), but they say the weather will be better soon! Jade is leaving for Italy tomorrow, so expect some sunny posts (and hopefully more sunny pictures from Elvi after she’s back from France in august)!

And just in case you forgot we’re also a band, here’s a video of one of our live performances of “We All”, one of our latest songs!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday!


Tall & tiny

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Our Christmas inspired outfits!

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

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Our latest outfits!

Our latest outfits!

Tall & tiny - sweaters foto DSC09035 last snow in front of library springlook Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall & tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny


mint mix & pastel pink

Hi everyone!

Long time no see!
I’m very busy with my exams, so I was happy that my friend Laura was able to make a few quick shots of my outfit today! (after eating thai food for lunch!). You can see her in the last photo, actually she has already shot a lot of our photos, so thanks a lot Laura!!

 I love all the pastel colors in my look today, I’m a total mintfreak lately (actually a bit longer than that, because 2 years ago I started painting my furniture in a minty colour as well 😉 )
About the bag, I’ve bought it 2 years ago when I was in China, can you believe I’ve NEVER used it before today? I like it so much at this moment 🙂 Well I’m off to study again, still 2 exams and 1 paper to go!

Xx Tall