Chinese style

Hi there!

We’ve made an outfitpost to go with our latest song! If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen it here!

It’s a Chinese song, so we thought this look goes very well with it! We hope you like it too!

And please let us know what you think about our songs!

Here’s a list of our previous songs:

Tall & tiny – Inside the whale

Tall & tiny – Flip flop 

Tall & tiny – I like it 

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! The weather is going to be better in Europe, HURRAY!!!


Tall & tiny

Festival fever

Hi everyone!

We are entering a H&M competition in which you have to send a picture of yourself and tell them why you chose your look. If we win, we get to go to a music festival in Denmark and make pictures of all the cool outfits we spot! How cool would that be? So pleeease CLICK HERE and search ‘jade van overmeir’ or scroll down to find our picture, and vote away!! Anyway, we got dressed in festival-like looks, and made pictures on this really rocky terrain.. With thanks to Lai Yan by the way for following us on to this place (covered with broken glass by the way!) to take these pictures! Do you like the pictures? Hopefully we’ll win! And if not, still some good photo’s though. =)

Love, TNT

Back to work!

Hi everyone! With Jade being sick and all, we didn’t post a lot here lately, but now she’s back! Still.. Well, not entirely healthy, but getting better! And thank the lord (or the weather gods), there was sun today! And they say there will be very warm temperatures from now on, hooray! We went for some kind of a cowboy look today, isn’t it lovely? However, loveliness aside, from today on there is work to be done! This is our last week of school and then we have the EXAMS *dun dun duuuun* so wish us luck!

Also, please pretty please, CLICK HERE to vote on our poll in our last post! We’d love to hear from you! Hopefully you’d love to hear from us too. 😉