Pink ‘n Blue


Today we both wore blue and pink (well tall’s wearing pink everyday with her pink hair ^^). What do you think of Jade’s shirt? Elvi hates star wars, but she loves the shirt a lot too 🙂 It’s a funny shirt, because Jade’s puppy is called Wookiee. ^^Also take a closer look at jade’s hair, she loves to wear chopsticks in her hair and today she put an orchid in there too!

Have a lovely day!


Tall & tiny

tall and tiny DSC09132  I'd rather kiss a wookiee konplott earrings & pink hair orchid bun

Star wars, bows and pink hair a.k.a. spring is in the air!


Today we could sit outside again! We really have to enjoy the sun, because they say next week it’s going to be cold again! And we don’t like that.. Today we had a lot of classes, so we didn’t have that much time to stay outside, but we enjoyed every minute of it! And we ate our first icecream for this year! What do you all think of Elvi’s ‘new’ hair colour? It’s slightly different than the first pink colour she got, there’s more purple in it this time and she’s very happy with the result! Also check out Jade’s Gorillaz t-shirt and her Star Wars skirt below!

Tall & tiny

DSC09121 DSC09124 elvi pink hair

jade ribbon jade ladeuze

Jade's Star Wars skirt ^^

Jade’s Star Wars skirt ^^

We love you, sun!

Hello lovelies!

Today was another lovely sunny day! Jade spent her afternoon walking her dogs in the herbal garden with her boyfriend, and buying delicious coffee from some special little store she only just discovered, while elvi spent it getting her hair dyed pink again by our friend Lai-Yan! It took 3 hours this time and she’s quite happy with the result! You can see the before pics below and you’ll see the result in tomorrow’s outfitpost!

Now we’re off to our homework for tomorrow: Translating sentences into Chinese! Yippie!

Enjoy your evening!


Tall & Tiny

Ps. We started writing a new song for a good cause today and it’s catchy!


elvi before

colour before: pink/orange/yellow/blondish..

elvi garbage

yes, she’s wearing garbage bags to prevent her clothes from becoming pink!

la riche directions

La riche directions haircolours: flamingo, carnation, lavender & cerise


Lai-Yan working on Elvi’s hair while she also dyed 1 piece of her hair. (we knew it wouldn’t turn as pink as it should be, but we did see some result in her black hair ^^ )

In the city

Urban outfits today! Hope you guys like it. =) It was horrible weather, but that didn’t stop us from going to the market! We went there to buy a banana, because Elvi loves to eat toast with cheese, mayonnaise and bananas (of which Jade thinks it’s a very strange combination but secretly can’t wait to try it..). And do you like the jeans? They were Elvi’s birthday present this year!

love, TNT (kaboom, haha!)