We love you, sun!

Hello lovelies!

Today was another lovely sunny day! Jade spent her afternoon walking her dogs in the herbal garden with her boyfriend, and buying delicious coffee from some special little store she only just discovered, while elvi spent it getting her hair dyed pink again by our friend Lai-Yan! It took 3 hours this time and she’s quite happy with the result! You can see the before pics below and you’ll see the result in tomorrow’s outfitpost!

Now we’re off to our homework for tomorrow: Translating sentences into Chinese! Yippie!

Enjoy your evening!


Tall & Tiny

Ps. We started writing a new song for a good cause today and it’s catchy!


elvi before

colour before: pink/orange/yellow/blondish..

elvi garbage

yes, she’s wearing garbage bags to prevent her clothes from becoming pink!

la riche directions

La riche directions haircolours: flamingo, carnation, lavender & cerise


Lai-Yan working on Elvi’s hair while she also dyed 1 piece of her hair. (we knew it wouldn’t turn as pink as it should be, but we did see some result in her black hair ^^ )

Casual friday

Hello all!

This day we both wore quite casual outfits. That’s the thing about going to school, we love dressing up, but we do have to go to school everyday, so our outfits both have to be practical and warm enough! We have to walk a lot in between our lessons, because we have to switch buildings all the time.. And the city isn’t very heelproof, with all the small irregular stones and with all the construction works going on.. But the good thing is that we can always find another place to shoot our outfitphotos! Now it’s getting colder, so we have to take it inside, be prepared for a lot of pink wall photos in the future!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Tiny will be gaming and tall is going to a birthdayparty tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Tall & tiny

ps. what do you think of tiny’s supercool red cape / coat? She looks like a modern day red riding hood!

Pink oh pink


We just couldn’t help making another picture in front of that beautiful pink wall! It’s just so sweet, soft and warm. = ) Don’t forget to scroll down and check out Elvi’s butterfly necklace (bling bling) and Jade’s jewelry craze. We really love to accessorize! Also, we had fries for lunch (we’re in Belgium, serves us right) and they were delicious!!

Tall and tiny

Chinese style

Hi there!

We’ve made an outfitpost to go with our latest song! If you haven’t heard it yet, you can listen it here!

It’s a Chinese song, so we thought this look goes very well with it! We hope you like it too!

And please let us know what you think about our songs!

Here’s a list of our previous songs:

Tall & tiny – Inside the whale

Tall & tiny – Flip flop 

Tall & tiny – I like it 

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! The weather is going to be better in Europe, HURRAY!!!


Tall & tiny

Back to work!

Hi everyone! With Jade being sick and all, we didn’t post a lot here lately, but now she’s back! Still.. Well, not entirely healthy, but getting better! And thank the lord (or the weather gods), there was sun today! And they say there will be very warm temperatures from now on, hooray! We went for some kind of a cowboy look today, isn’t it lovely? However, loveliness aside, from today on there is work to be done! This is our last week of school and then we have the EXAMS *dun dun duuuun* so wish us luck!

Also, please pretty please, CLICK HERE to vote on our poll in our last post! We’d love to hear from you! Hopefully you’d love to hear from us too. 😉

Paradise bird

Hello y’all! Today we both kind of dressed in a paradise bird theme (unintentionally of course), which means: pastel, lots of colors and lovely fabrics. We took some pictures at school today, because school (unfortunately)  really is the place we spend most of our time at, so we wanted to show you guys that part of our life in our pictures. Maybe we’ll do more school pictures from now on. =) Another interesting add to today’s post is something we learned in our music history class. Apparently Don Juan likes tall women because they are majestic and short women because they are dainty. Maybe we should’ve called the band majestic and dainty instead of tall and tiny? 😉 Also, Jade has had The Beatles’ yellow submarine stuck in her head all week so for our second class she wore a yellow submarine t-shirt. Would the curse be lifted now?

Loving the sun

Hiya all!

Today was a beautiful day, with a lot of sunshine this afternoon. Unfortunately we could only enjoy it for less than 1 hour before heading back to class, but it was quite enjoyable!