Mysterious Mondays


Alas, only a quick outfit post today! We’ve been pretty busy again, going to classes, making homework and of course making music! We’re currently working on a Christmas song, yippie! Just a cover, but for now let’s just say… It will be our very own version. ^^ In this picture Elvi is wearing a sweater Jade also has. Well, that’s what happens when you buy your clothes at the H&M, but who cares really? It’s pretty! Jade is proudly wearing her new ear mufflers and is loving the turquoise sweater which Elvi gave to her since she hardly wore it herself. And don’t you love Elvi’s lace collar? Cute! Anyway, that’s it for now. Hope you all survived this Monday! You know who else doesn’t like Mondays? Garfield! That cat always makes the day better, so scroll down below for a smile on your face!

Love, T and t



The romantic look

Hiya! We went for a really romantic look today, and found just the right location to snap it in a picture! Elvi’s reading a bit of bridget Jones’ diary and Jade’s playing her pink PSP. If you scroll down you can see a close up, where you can see Elvi’s curled hair (with thanks to Lai Yan for the effort!) and Jade’s pink pony (which she did with henna and pink chalk). Don’t we just look like sisters on that picture? ^^ We also took some more pictures at school, and as you can see Jade was happy because she won a little contest in class. Last but not least, we are very very happy because in march we entered an international Chinese language exam called 汉语水平考试 (HSK) and yesterday evening we got our results and both passed! We’d also like to congratulate everyone else who passed!