All at sea

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Hello everyone!

Long time no see eh? You can already guess the excuse: we were too busy. However! This time it wasn’t with the ‘bored with homework’ kind of busy, it was the ‘yippie holiday’ kind! We had two weeks off, and even though we still had some work to do, we were also able to relax. I went to the Belgian coast, like I do each year, together with my family. It was super cozy! We play games, walk on the beach, ride go-karts, eat waffles, … Wookiee got unleashed for the first time and she ran so fast, we couldn’t keep up with her, not even a little bit! She’s quite amazing when she’s running on the beach.. Malteke prefers the daily walk through the streets, she’s such a sweetheart. ^^ We also bought a kite, and it is so much fun! I can’t believe we’ve never done that before.. The weather was pretty good too, considering that a week earlier it was still snowing like hell. And now, at last, the sun is up!! It’s like 20° here now and we have all been longing for that for sooo long. About time! So, now that we’re back together at school, and now that the weather is so nice, maybe we’ll have the chance to make some more pictures. ^^

Also, I have been looking for a pair of jeans dungarees (never knew it was called ‘dungarees’ in English, I had to google it, it sounds kind of Australian, doesn’t it?) since I was 14, and have now finally found a pair, I’m so happy!! After waiting for them for about 7 years, it’s very exciting to finally have them.

Check out some pictures of me @sea, as well as my dungarees (love that word now)!



ps: we have some pretty awesome news, check out our facebook if you can’t wait! If you can wait, you’ll read it here soon enough!

De Haan aan Zee De Haan aan Zee maltese dog running

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 09.40.08jeans dungarees