Hepburn hair

Hi everyone!

Before going to Italy I got a haircut! Me! The one who always says she refuses to cut a centimeter off because long hair is so pretty. I just felt like having something different for a change, and went for it. So as you can see in my previous posts, my hair was shoulder length.

But then I started thinking… I’m young, I’m a student, if I ever want to try some stuff out hair-wise, now is the time! And then I started looking at pictures of Audrey Hepburn with short hair and one thing lead to another and BAM I cut off all my hair. Mind you, I’m not bald, it’s just really short now! I just feel like it’s a challenge, long princess hair is something you can hide behind, and I thought it could be a fun challenge, trying to create a fun look every day without being able to braid and make ponytails. I feel quite confident, knowing that I don’t need my princess hair to feel pretty! Quite proud..

It feels sooo weird! So light! It dries incredibly fast and I never have to comb it, nor use conditioner on it. Wow…

Anyway, since I’ve already had this haircut for a while now, I felt like it was time to tell you guys.. Hope you all like it!


ps: I will be trying out different colors too, stay tuned!


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