Review – Rimmel pro nailpolish – up to 10 days

hi there!

I’ve recently bought Rimmel Nailpolish. I have to say that I immediately fell in love with the beautiful colour (name: 352 posh spice).  It’s a kind of red, but with a hint of raspberry in it. I bought it because there was a promotion (I paid 4 instead of 7 euro).

* What does it say? 

Lycra Pro – Professional finish, up to 10 days

Maxi brush – anti-fade colour system

* Is it true? 

First of all I looove the colour, so I would have bought it anyway, despite all the good extra’s. When I first used the brush I felt immediately it was very easy to use and it really helps you put on your nailpolish very smoothly. I forgot to take a picture of the brush, so I found a photo on google, it’s a different colour, but exactly the same brush.

About the anti-fade colour system, I guess it works, because there wasn’t any fading of colour, but I’ve actually never had this problem with any of my nailpolishes..

The lycra pro definitely works, but it’s not true that the nailpolish will last for 10 days. For me it was okay till the 5th day, from that day it started to come off a bit. But most nailpolishes don’t last very well for 5 days, so it’s really better than most other brands, but I guess the 10 days are a bit too optimistic! I’ve made a photo at day 1 to show what it looked like. I added a bit of gold, because I wanted something special. And by the way, 1 layer is almost enough, but I choose to do 2 layers, to get a deeper colour. You can see  what happened with the nailpolish after day 5.

So overall, I’m not complaining, I think the brush is really perfect and the nailpolish will last longer than most other brands, it’s just not true about the 10 days, but I guess that’s why they say UP to 10 days 😉

Lots of love,