Post no. 200!!!


As you can see in the title, this is our 200th post! We thought this would be a good moment to look back at some of our best outfits from the past year. We have worn colourful, crazy, cute, comfy, cool, romantic, girly and great outfits. We like to mix things as you’ve probably noticed ; ) We didn’t have a lot of sun here last year, so it was all about layers! We’re happy to end with sunny outfits (although last week felt like winter here..), but they say the weather will be better soon! Jade is leaving for Italy tomorrow, so expect some sunny posts (and hopefully more sunny pictures from Elvi after she’s back from France in august)!

And just in case you forgot we’re also a band, here’s a video of one of our live performances of “We All”, one of our latest songs!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday!


Tall & tiny

zonder jassen 1

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

1 B foto 1 picie

Our latest outfits!

Our latest outfits!

Tall & tiny - sweaters foto DSC09035 last snow in front of library springlook Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall & tiny Tall en tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny

Slayer Style

buffy hair

Hi everyone!

Don’t you love this hairdo? I really do! I’ve been thinking of dying my hair even lighter than it is now, and that would cause my hair to become very dry and frizzy. So I guess I’ll have to cut some off. But when I see Buffy rocking this hairdo, I’m thinking: I could pull it off just as well! Do you think I should go ahead with it? I sure think I should!! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my absolute favorite TV shows. Apart from the storyline and amazing characters, I also really like her style. I took some screenshots of some of my favorite Buffy outfits from season 2, as well as some pictures of her awesome hair. She’s quite the style icon if you ask me. Blurry pictures, but hey, it’s screenshots from a 90’s show.


buffy hair buffy hair buffy jeans paint outfit buffy outfit fashion buffy white lace top buffy sunglasses buffy scruffy white trash look

So Chic – 1 year anniversary

Hi everyone!

Today is a very special day for us, because it’s our one year blog- and chictopia anniversary! Exactly a year ago from today, we started our blog and uploaded our very first outfit picture. This is our 157th post and we’ve already got 62 e-mail subscribers to our blog, 250 followers on chictopia, 109 likes on facebook and 3626 youtube views! It’s kind of silly though, that really, we’re a band, while most of our ‘fans’ like us because of our outfits. That’s understandable though, since most of our posts here are fashion-related. But that’s just because we don’t have time for music, because of school! We hope we’ll have more time for music soon… But back to happy, back to happy! Next saturday we are playing live for a good cause called ‘Art for Education’ and we’ve written a special song for it called Oh Oh Weyo! Elvi is Jade’s roomie for the weekend, that way there is a lot of time for rehearsing. It’s super cozy, we cook together, play music, play video games… Yesterday during the rehearsal we we’re sitting in front of the window (because that’s where the piano is) and since the window was open, everyone outside could hear us play. Then Elvi came up with the brilliant idea of taping a big paper onto the window that said “TALL AND TINY LIVE, GOOGLE US” but alas, after putting the paper up, suddenly the streets went quiet and almost nobody passed by anymore. Well, maybe we’ll have more luck tonight!

It’s been a good year for us, and we hope the next year will be great too! We’re celebrating our anniversary right now, with a lovely breakfast, mmm.. So we’re going to go back to eating that!

Before we end this post, we would also like to share some of our most popular posts with you guys!

THIS is the link to our first professional photo, taken by Wim Knapen (check out his website HERE), THIS is the link our post about Antwerp Fashion Night, which was tons of fun, HERE is the link to a funny post about of trying to have an adventurous day at school (didn’t really happen in the end..), THIS is a link to Elvi’s DIY galaxy print boots, which you should definitely try for yourself if you like galaxy prints, and last but not least, HERE you can listen to our most recent song!

Also, below are some of our favorite pictures from the past year. Let us know which one(s) you like best!

xx Lots of love, and thanks for reading our blog, we wouldn’t have come this far without you!

Tall and tiny

ps: Do you like our new blog lay-out?

Yesterday's rehearsal

Yesterday’s rehearsal

tall and tiny live

Making breakfast

Making breakfast

mmm, yum!

mmm, yum!

Editing the blog in our pyjama's ^^

Editing the blog in our pyjama’s ^^


Our very first blog photo!

1 A 8e foto 1 af foto 2ed nog 2 2 groter mooi hoor foto regen TNT freaky photo picpic 1 foto mooooi tall and tiny going outside 1 picie  springlook DSC09121


Kalimera! Hola!

We’re back! Two weeks ago we both (separately) left on vacation because we had a full week without classes. It was so nice to get away from everything and just enjoy the holiday. Also, the weather in Belgium is cold and the sky is grey, but in Athens and on Tenerife the weather was lovely. Below you can see some of our holiday pictures, as well as our first second semester outfit post! The reason we didn’t post anything last week is because Jade got the flu and she was home all week. But now she’s back and we’re going to take pictures outside again, so they should be getting more interesting again as well. = ) Also, below are two very cheerful songs about holidays, play them while watching the pictures, it’s fun!


Tall and tiny

Outfit picture!

Outfit picture!

Climbing the acropolis, such blue sky!

Climbing the acropolis, such blue sky!

Jade and her boyfriend in front of the erechtheion, cute!

Jade and her boyfriend in front of the erechtheion, cute!

Like a postcard...

Like a postcard…

On the hotel's roof terrace with a view of the acropolis

On the hotel’s roof terrace with a view of the acropolis

Summersy outfit in front of a palm tree

Summersy outfit in front of a palm tree

At the beach on the island of Aegina, so peaceful there

At the beach on the island of Aegina, so peaceful there

Jade and her boyfriend at the quiet Aegina beach, adorable ^^

Jade and her boyfriend at the quiet Aegina beach, adorable ^^

Jade and her boyfriend at the archaeological site on Aegina, so romantic!

Jade and her boyfriend at the archaeological site on Aegina, so romantic!

Elvi Tenerife

At the north side of the island. There’s a lot more green than in the south!

elvi tenerife blue wall

It’s obvious that I’m taller than the people in spain 🙂

elvi sea

enjoying the great view, AND the sunshine of course!


feels like I’m somewhere outta space!

elvi rock

@ costa del silencio in the south, amazing rocks!

me & mum

me & my mum! It was quite windy as you can see, they told us it was always windy in that place, so we were happy that our appartment was somewhere else more sunny!

elvi balcony

the view from our balcony 🙂

elvi vulcano

@ the vulcano

elvi pink braid

Eagerly awaiting Christmas

Ho ho ho!

Okay, we know, it’s a bit soon to start publishing posts that start out with “ho ho ho” but we couldn’t help ourselves! Now that the weather is getting bad, we need something to look forward to! And that is Christmas! Elvi especially longs for a good Christmas, because last year’s Christmas she was in China and really missed out on the genuine Christmas atmosphere: being with your family, delicious Christmas cookies, an actual Christmas tree (not the plastic kind), gifts wrapped in red and green paper, little lights shining bright wherever you go… We love it! Because we are so eagerly awaiting Christmas, we looked a little Christmas-y today. Jade wore a festive red outfit and Elvi wore Christmas accessories! Also, Jade ordered a skirt from for the holidays! Isn’t it pretty? She’s really exited about it and will post a picture when it arrives!

Also, we’d like to congratulate our friend Lai Yan (well, actually we mostly want to congratulate her sister and her sister’s husband) because her sister just gave birth to a lovely baby girl! She is so adorable!! We both got delicious sugar beans today, wrapped in these awesome pink things (they look like fairy wands ^^). Thank you!

Oh, last but not least, from now on we will be posting a themed post every Wednesday or Thursday! So get ready for a great themed post!


Tall and tiny

ps: the new song is coming up!

Our Christmas inspired outfits!

Elvi’s holiday necklace, so cute!

Elvi’s Christmas tree earrings ^^

This is the skirt Jade ordered from Romwe for the holidays!

Mmm sugar beans..

The ‘it’s a girl’ ribbon was kind of superfluous, wasn’t it? :p

City life

Hello everybody,

we don’t have many pictures, nor much to tell today because Jade was sick and we quickly went to class and then back home again. =( Elvi’s also been feeling bad, really everyone around here is sick! Ah well, despite the sickness, we did wear nice outfits. ^^


Back to the sixties

Today we both felt like going back into the 60’s. Elvi went for the twiggy look, and Jade took on the hippie style. We also went shopping for jeans and scroll down to see what Elvi’s pants would like like on Jade’s legs. A bit to long, don’t you think? The weather forecast predicts amazing weather so there’ll be some more nice pictures coming up soon!

white door

Not that much sun today, but that didn’t stop us from going outside for a sec and making some photos! Ofcourse making photo’s inside is also possible, especially when there’s a piano! And thanks to Laura for borrowing jade her pink sunglasses!