Inside the Whale

Hello everyone,

like we said before, this was our first song, so it’s about time we upload it! It kind of feels like being a mom bird letting her baby bird fly off alone for the first time, haha! Hopefully it will fly well =)

Tall and tiny

Adventure day

Hello everybody!

We decided our blog shouldn’t just be about ‘look it’s us and we’re wearing clothes’, it should be personal as well. Unfortunately, at the moment we came to this conclusion we didn’t have anything to tell! So we decided to go seek out adventure. Not much adventure found, but we did get ice cream with our great friend Lai Yan (who jade thanks for the donation of some of her ice cream, because she didn’t have money and didn’t buy any)! We also found a piano in de school basement and played a some tunes there. On top of that we saw a kitty (awww) and this lovely piece of graffiti art. Also, don’t forget to check out Jade’s Gorillaz converse of which she is very very proud!

Mc hammer pants

Yesterday there was a sale at a lovely second hand store, and jade bought really cool pants there! They remind us of mc hammer, can’t touch this!! You’ll be seeing more of this as she bought 3 pairs of them.. And check out julius on Elvi’s socks ^^

Play the song while watching, funkay!


Hello all! Because of copyright issues we can’t upload our own songs yet, but we can show you our Britney Spears cover! Hope you all like it. =)

white door

Not that much sun today, but that didn’t stop us from going outside for a sec and making some photos! Ofcourse making photo’s inside is also possible, especially when there’s a piano! And thanks to Laura for borrowing jade her pink sunglasses!