Love is in the air


Today another pink / minty day ^^ Let’s say love is in the air, because today is Jade & her boyfriend’s 6-years-anniversary! (So this is Tall writing to you, because they’re probably out eating some special banana dessert at the Mexican restaurant by now) And so I’ll wish them all the love in the world and hope they’ll be together as long as they live! (but I’m quite sure that won’t be a problem at all 🙂 )

About our outfits today, my pink bomberjacket was quite an eyecatcher! I got it from my mum, who got it from my aunt, so thanks a lot Jacqueline! When Jade saw me today the first thing she said was: ‘hey lollipop! Or should I say barbie?’ Then Laura said I reminded her of barbapapa and tonight her boyfriend called me ‘pinky’. Well, that’s all fine by me, I don’t mind, I love my new pink jacket 🙂

Tomorrow we will start recording our new song, it’s a song for halloween! (and it’s about Waldo, don’t know who’s Waldo? Click HERE!) And more great news, tomorrow I’m going to see Radiohead with Laura! I’m so looking forward to it!  And in december we’ll go see Muse!! (tiny doesn’t really like muse.. I still don’t get it..)

Lots of love,

Tall (and tiny <3)




Tiny painting her nails in between classes

Giggly college girls

Hello everyone! Yesterday we totally behaved like giggly college girls. We had to go to an exam, and Jade’s puppy can’t be home alone yet, so Laura came over to babysit. She took a picture of us right before we left to the exam, but as you can see, the puppy kept trying to get out of Jade’s arms because she wanted to go for a walk and we couldn’t help but giggle all the time! The result: giggly pictures. ^^ Don’t forget to scroll down and see Elvi’s matching earrings and necklace, and a close up of Jade’s good luck flower tattoo (don’t squint, it’ll just look worse.. Like.. a wound or something haha), Han Solo t-shirt and pineapple earrings. Also, isn’t the monkey backpack adorable? ^^ Oh and we’re thinking of organizing a giveaway, is anyone interested in that? Let us know! You might just be the lucky one to get it!

Lots of love,
A very-tired-of-going-to-school-instead-of-having-fun Tall and tiny!

ps: Thanks Laura for watching the dogs!! xx
pps: For those of you who speak dutch: Jade is going to write some articles for so be sure to check them out!!

Back to work!

Hi everyone! With Jade being sick and all, we didn’t post a lot here lately, but now she’s back! Still.. Well, not entirely healthy, but getting better! And thank the lord (or the weather gods), there was sun today! And they say there will be very warm temperatures from now on, hooray! We went for some kind of a cowboy look today, isn’t it lovely? However, loveliness aside, from today on there is work to be done! This is our last week of school and then we have the EXAMS *dun dun duuuun* so wish us luck!

Also, please pretty please, CLICK HERE to vote on our poll in our last post! We’d love to hear from you! Hopefully you’d love to hear from us too. 😉

Paradise bird

Hello y’all! Today we both kind of dressed in a paradise bird theme (unintentionally of course), which means: pastel, lots of colors and lovely fabrics. We took some pictures at school today, because school (unfortunately)  really is the place we spend most of our time at, so we wanted to show you guys that part of our life in our pictures. Maybe we’ll do more school pictures from now on. =) Another interesting add to today’s post is something we learned in our music history class. Apparently Don Juan likes tall women because they are majestic and short women because they are dainty. Maybe we should’ve called the band majestic and dainty instead of tall and tiny? 😉 Also, Jade has had The Beatles’ yellow submarine stuck in her head all week so for our second class she wore a yellow submarine t-shirt. Would the curse be lifted now?