How are you all doing? Jade had her last day of work yesterday and Elvi is still working hard for school! We found some old pictures from us at school, in between classes, and looking at these pictures, do feel a little nostalgia.. With us following such different classes next year, things just won’t be the same, which is sad but also nice because we are moving forward, and change can be good too. Anyway, we just thought it would be nice to share some pictures that have the both of us in them! The quality is not too good, but they are nice anyway. ^^

Love, TNT! (We should start writing this without the comma, as in commanding you all to LOVE TALL AND TINY, who knows it might just work)

ps: look at Jade’s long hair, so different…

Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny


Kaishi! 开始!


We had our first exam today! It was our most important Chinese exam, which mostly contains grammar and vocabulary exercises, and which basically is our theoretical exam. Tomorrow and Thursday we still have to do our practical Chinese exams. Then, two weeks later we have to do some other exams like Chinese literature, classical Chinese etc. It’s tough, but on the other hand, we have the summer ahead of us now. At least, we sure hope we do! We read in the newspaper today, that Western Europe is going to have the worst summer since 1816, that’s almost 200 years ago! Also, since our last summer kind of sucked (due to resit exams and working) we were really hoping to catch up on some summer… So please oh please let the weather be good, or we might just sink into a deep state of some kind of.. — wait let’s not think about the possible depressing consequences, let’s just hope it’ll be okay!!

Check out this picture from a while ago. See mister weather? That’s the kind of weather we like.

xx Tall and tiny

Tall en tiny

Paradise bird

Hello y’all! Today we both kind of dressed in a paradise bird theme (unintentionally of course), which means: pastel, lots of colors and lovely fabrics. We took some pictures at school today, because school (unfortunately)  really is the place we spend most of our time at, so we wanted to show you guys that part of our life in our pictures. Maybe we’ll do more school pictures from now on. =) Another interesting add to today’s post is something we learned in our music history class. Apparently Don Juan likes tall women because they are majestic and short women because they are dainty. Maybe we should’ve called the band majestic and dainty instead of tall and tiny? 😉 Also, Jade has had The Beatles’ yellow submarine stuck in her head all week so for our second class she wore a yellow submarine t-shirt. Would the curse be lifted now?