Happy mother’s day!

Hi there!

First of all, happy mother’s day to all mums!

 Elvi is wearing an old blouse which here mum used to wear when she was her age! Thanks mum!

We really enjoyed the weather last week, but it’s getting colder again! It’s raining and that’s actually not such a bad thing, as we have to study a lot this week! Exams are coming up in two weeks and before they start we have to finish all our assignments. It’s going to be a pretty stressful period, because we’re going to have a lot of exams in a short period, but after that: VACATION!!


Tall & tiny

Tall and tiny

jeanslook for spring


Today was a great day, because we suddenly felt the sun coming through! We really missed it, so we hope the sun will stay for a while now.. We both wore jeans inspired outfits, but both in a totally different way (as usual.. ^^ ).

Unfortunately we couldn’t spend a lot of time in the sun, because we had to go to the library to make an assignment.. Hopefully there’s still sun when we actually have the time to enjoy it!


Tall & tiny

Ps. Tomorrow Tall’s going to dye her hair pink again! (because the pink’s faded and she’s becoming a blondie..)

T&T jeans

Tt jeans

Pink day

hello there!

Because we both love pink a lot, we are wearing different shades of pink! Tall bought this dress because it’s the same colour as her hair. Tiny loves to wear flowers in her hair and you can see her great mix of flowers and lace in one of the following pics. We’d like to tell more interesting stories, but unfortunately we’ve got to get back to our schoolwork. We’ve got tons of work to do!




flowers close up

close up

jade pink sunglasses

tiny’s new pink sunglasses!

Green is the colour

Hi there,

another shot from a few weeks ago, right at this moment it’s raining a lot, so we have to wear a lot more clothes!

This post is called green is the colour, because it’s elvi’s favorite pink floyd song! You can check the song on youtube here! 

And green is the colour of our shirt and tights too! Hope you all like it!