Time Traveler

You can relax, Jade is still alive! Close call though. She had to wear quite some layers though, she looked so funny. Almost like some kind of time traveler who has come from a time where there is/was no snow. Check out a close-up of her face below, and see for yourself how wrapped up she is. ^^ Elvi wore her super Uggs to keep her warm, they sure look comfy… But seriously, it was not just snowing this morning, but the wind was also blowing so super hard that you really couldn’t see a thing. The most shocking thing about this weather is, that exactly a week ago from today, it was super sunny. In 7 days we went from 20° to -11° (68 to 12 in Fahrenheit)! To show you guys the extreme difference, scroll down and compare today’s picture with last Tuesday’s picture.

Anyway, we’re super busy with school because we have tons of homework this week. Tomorrow we have to perform a 30 minute long play in Chinese and we don’t even know our lines yet… Also, this weekend we are performing at Art For Education and we still have a lot of rehearsing to do! And last but not least, we have to translate a Chinese song by next Tuesday, and of course want to make our own version of it, but that costs time and we don’t have time! … Maybe time traveling isn’t such a bad idea?

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Icy hugs from Tall and whoever that crazy little person next to her is

Tall and tiny  DSC09124jade Tall and tiny

What we want for christmas!

Hello all!
While in Belgium and Holland the children are still celebrating Sinterklaas today (Sinterklaas is a bit
like Santa Claus, check it here @ Wikipedia) we are already overthinking our Christmas wishlists.
We both love fashion as you know, so the perfect wishlist contains a lot of clothes, but then we were
browsing the internet looking for the perfect clothes and found out that most of the beautiful clothes
we want are a bit out of our budget.. Also, when we read magazines, it always disappoints us that
the clothes in there are so pricy! It’s such a pity they don’t add some less expensive clothes for those
who can’t afford such clothes! That’s why we both made 2 wishlists! 1 perfect dreamy wishlist with
way too expensive clothes for us (right now, that is!) and 1 dreamlist with affordable yet also amazing
Because it’s getting colder Jade choose for warm new pink Uggs shoes and a beautiful warm
wintercoat. Elvi is pretending it’s still summer and chose a lot of great summer dresses, and chose for
darker colors in the affordable wishlist. (You can buy all the clothes we chose @ Zalando, for
more details check the links under the wishlists!)
Which list do you like most?
Tall & tiny
elvi's dreamlist
elvi’s dreamlist van elviism met bustier tops
Jade's dreamlist
Jade’s dreamlist van elviism met mini skirts
elvi's affordable dreamlist
elvi’s affordable dreamlist van elviism met pattern shirts
Jade's affordable dreamlist
Jade’s affordable dreamlist door elviism op Polyvore

Goodbye weekend

Hi there!

Here’s a quick update with some ‘old’ pics. We always take a lot of pictures, but sometimes we forget to post them 🙂 Tomorrow the start of a new week, with loads of schoolwork to do.. But we’ll have a small b-day party from one of our friends tomorrow, so that’s something nice to look out to!

Have you listened to our latest song? (a cover of Sinatra’s my way, me made it ‘OUR WAY’!) Listen to it HERE!


Tall & tiny

Tall gave this cute skirt to tiny, it was too small for her, so tiny was lucky!

our vintage inspired looks, Tall’s jacket was made by her mum, her mum wore it when she was around our age! Isn’t that great?

@ school during listening class, we always have to put our earrings aside, otherwise the headphones will hurt our ears…

Tall with a friend this weekend, before going out

There and back again

Hi everyone!

Last week we had some days off and combined with the weekend that created a kind of mini vacation for us! Elvi visited some friends in Germany and Jade went to the Belgian Ardennes with her family. We both had such a great time! Unfortunately, that makes the whole ‘going back to school’ thing a lot harder.. But of course, we always have each other and having good friends makes such a difference, doens’t it? : ) So here’s to friendship!

Also, check out our outfits and our new song below!
And PPS: Our post title refers to our little vacation, as well as The Lord of the Rings, who else is really exited to see The Hobbit? We are!!


Tall and tiny

The Wall

Hi there everyone!

Our school building has gotten a new coat this summer and the walls have all these pretty colors now. One of them is pink and -surprise surprise- we love it! So we just had to take a picture in front of it. Unfortunately it’s in a narrow hallway so we couldn’t snap our entire outfit in front of it (thanks Tall..). Still, we like the picture.And we took separate shoe pics haha! Anyway, what’s for sure is: many colorful wall pictures to come! Xx TT

ps: check out the picture below, where you can see the difference between our shoes, sizewise, OMG!

Giggly college girls

Hello everyone! Yesterday we totally behaved like giggly college girls. We had to go to an exam, and Jade’s puppy can’t be home alone yet, so Laura came over to babysit. She took a picture of us right before we left to the exam, but as you can see, the puppy kept trying to get out of Jade’s arms because she wanted to go for a walk and we couldn’t help but giggle all the time! The result: giggly pictures. ^^ Don’t forget to scroll down and see Elvi’s matching earrings and necklace, and a close up of Jade’s good luck flower tattoo (don’t squint, it’ll just look worse.. Like.. a wound or something haha), Han Solo t-shirt and pineapple earrings. Also, isn’t the monkey backpack adorable? ^^ Oh and we’re thinking of organizing a giveaway, is anyone interested in that? Let us know! You might just be the lucky one to get it!

Lots of love,
A very-tired-of-going-to-school-instead-of-having-fun Tall and tiny!

ps: Thanks Laura for watching the dogs!! xx
pps: For those of you who speak dutch: Jade is going to write some articles for Ze.nl so be sure to check them out!!

Review – Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug

Hi all!

Today we’re reviewing Kevin Murphy’s color bug! Elvi won 2 of each color (hooray!! thanks to fashionaddict.nl) and was kind enough to share it, so we could test it!

  • What is it?

This is what Kevin Murphy has to say about his product: “Wild crazy color became the new hot thing but you cant just color a models hair just because you feel like it. I wanted full on color but without the commitment!” Well that basically sums it up! You can use the color bug to instantly color parts of your hair in a very bright color and remove it easily as well. The idea is to put color on your hair in the same way as you put make-up on your face. So what is it? It’s a little cut off ball with a plastic cover on the flat side. If you remove the plastic, basically what you have is something that resembles an eye-shadow pad, with the K of Kevin engraved in the powder. As you can see below the color bug is available in three colors: pink, orange and purple:

  • How to use it

So this is what you have to do, and it’s really simple! A little tip before you start, the color stays on best when you’ve used some sort of styling mousse on your hair first. You just have to place a strand of hair on your hand or a towel and rub the color bug onto it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rub it hard (so it’s not that damaging to your hair) the color comes off easily. You can keep rubbing it until your hair has reached the color you wanted. Beware though that when you do this, the color also comes off on your hand/towel! Don’t worry it washes off easily, but don’t wear your ‘this is what I will wear today’ outfit yet, because it will be covered in color bug powder! 😉 Also, when wearing the powder in your hair it slowly comes off during the day, so after wearing it you’re shirt might be covered in it. Elvi and I tried it, and this is what Elvi’s shirt looked like… :

  • What we think

We love the color bugs! We tried the pink one and the color comes off really easily, and washed out well too. Of course that does mean it doesn’t work when walking in the rain (too bad for us Belgians eh?). It doesn’t stay on forever, but long enough. It’s not like it will be gone by the end of the night. Consider it make up for your hair! What’s great about it, is that is does not only work on light hair, but also on darker hair. Check out the pictures of Elvi below, look how bright the color is! Soon we’ll be testing the purple one on our Chinese friend Lai Yan, and we’re very curious whether it is going to have an effect or not. We will also make a video then, so you can see how we apply it. So to sum up: very easy to use, good results and let’s admit.. It’s just really cool! 😀

Star wars day!

Hello everybody! A special blog entry from jade today, because it was star wars day! As a loyal star wars fan, I have celebrated this day by wearing star wars outfits, carrying around a little yoda doll and watching episode IV: a new hope! The blue rainbow shirt is my boyfriend’s (hence the rather large size) and the pink one has Han Solo on it, who, if you haven’t seen the movies yet, is a reason to see them because he is handsome! I call my pants the ‘darth vader pants’ because.. well that’s just what they look like! Also, check out my beautiful new sunglasses my boyfriend gave me today, so sweet! They’re nerdy but also girly. =) I definitely enjoyed them on my lovely walk with him and my dog malteke (who totally looks like an ewok)! May the 4th be with you!

– Jedi jade

What’s up for spring 2012?

We expect to be seeing a lot of different styles, colors and shapes this spring. But when it comes down to us, we believe this spring stands for pastel: light pink, minty green and ivory white. Our spring style is cheerful and perfect for strong, confident yet very feminine young women. Also, we think flats are going to take over from high heels, and vintage 50’s and 60’s clothes are absolutely hip and unique! As seen before in history, perhaps we will recover from the economical crisis through second hand, happy colored clothes. It’s not only economical, but also ecological! And isn’t stat what 2012 stands for?

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Spring hug,

Tall and tiny