Tall’s Highlights of the Week



Just wanted to share my personal highlights of this week!

1. I made it to the frontpage of Chictopia! This is huge honour and I was very surprised by it! Thanks people from Chictopia for choosing my photo to show on the frontpage!

chictopia frontpage

2. I’ve reached 500 followers on Pinterest! I absolutely loooove PInterest. I love browsing and getting inspired by all the beautiful pics there. You can click on the picture below to check out my boards!

pinterest 500 followers


It’s great to notice these little things while studying and hopefully I’ll be surprised by more nice things in the next 3 weeks!




Like a My Little Pony

Hey you!

Guess what, Elvi decided to order some new colours to dye her hair and she added some ‘alpine green’ with the  ‘carnation pink’ and ‘rubine’ she usually orders. (All from La Riche Directions) The result: She looks like a ‘my little pony’! Which isn’t a bad thing at all, she loves it! What do you think?

Kisses from Tall & tiny

Ps. For more dyed hair inspiration, Check out Elvi’s Pinterest board HERE!

Tall and tiny pink blue purple hair pink blue purple hair waterfall braid pink hair flower dress

Manicure @ McDonald’s

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was the beginning of the new schoolterm, so no spare time for us in the upcoming weeks.. Because of that we wanted to enjoy the first day without lessons, so in the morning Laura and Lai-Yan came over to Elvi’s to eat american pancakes and toasted bread with melted cheese (‘tosti’ in dutch!). It was very delicious! Unfortunately Jade wasn’t feeling very well, so she couldn’t be there 😦 After breakfast we painted our nails, we couldn’t finish it before we had to go to school, so we brought my nailpolish with us so we could do it somewhere else during lunchtime! After going to school we had small diner at McDonald’s were we could finish our nails! I made miney mouse inspired nails for Lai-Yan, mint and pink leopard print for Laura and black cats for myself 🙂 The prints weren’t my own idea, I got my pinterest board where I put all sorts of nailart inspiration so I can choose a cute print when I don’t know what to make 🙂

Today was the starting of our lessons, so Jade and I finally made a new picture together! We’ll post it tomorrow. Jade still didn’t feel very well today, so let’s hope she’ll be better soon, because we have to go to Lady Gaga this saturday!! (YAY!!!) And not to forget, this friday’s Antwerp Fashion Night. We’ll be there!!

Xx Elvi