Green is the colour

Hi there,

another shot from a few weeks ago, right at this moment it’s raining a lot, so we have to wear a lot more clothes!

This post is called green is the colour, because it’s elvi’s favorite pink floyd song! You can check the song on youtube here! 

And green is the colour of our shirt and tights too! Hope you all like it!




Hiya all!

We’re still studying, hence the small amount of posts lately. Our Chinese exams are over, but we still have a looong way to go! Chinese religion, Chinese art, classical Chinese, music history, calligraphy and Chinese law, phew!! Of course, despite all this we still wear awesome outfits. 😉 Check out our matching flowerpants and sandals outfits! What do you think?

Wish us luck!!

Tropical it is!

Hello all!

Just a quick update, because of the upcoming exams (tomorrow we’ve got our first (Chinese grammar) exam) no interesting stories. Just that the weather is perfect! Too bad we have to study all day long..

=Xx-  Tall & tiny

ps. check Jade and her matching lollipop, how cute is that! And check out our friends as well! Don’t you love those summer outfits?

Adventure day

Hello everybody!

We decided our blog shouldn’t just be about ‘look it’s us and we’re wearing clothes’, it should be personal as well. Unfortunately, at the moment we came to this conclusion we didn’t have anything to tell! So we decided to go seek out adventure. Not much adventure found, but we did get ice cream with our great friend Lai Yan (who jade thanks for the donation of some of her ice cream, because she didn’t have money and didn’t buy any)! We also found a piano in de school basement and played a some tunes there. On top of that we saw a kitty (awww) and this lovely piece of graffiti art. Also, don’t forget to check out Jade’s Gorillaz converse of which she is very very proud!

in wonderland

These are the pictures we took in the botanical garden. It was the first time we went there and it was great! So you can expect more photos taken there in the future 😉


What’s up for spring 2012?

We expect to be seeing a lot of different styles, colors and shapes this spring. But when it comes down to us, we believe this spring stands for pastel: light pink, minty green and ivory white. Our spring style is cheerful and perfect for strong, confident yet very feminine young women. Also, we think flats are going to take over from high heels, and vintage 50’s and 60’s clothes are absolutely hip and unique! As seen before in history, perhaps we will recover from the economical crisis through second hand, happy colored clothes. It’s not only economical, but also ecological! And isn’t stat what 2012 stands for?

If you like our spring style, please vote for us on chictopia and give feedback!!
Spring hug,

Tall and tiny