It’s all about the socks


A new look from tall & tiny! Today happened what happens a lot, we were wearing (sort of) matching clothes without knowing! Today we both wore white socks (for tiny white legwarmers). Tall choose to stick with the white while tiny liked to combine a lot of colours together! Hope you like our looks!

Tall & tiny


socks look

Theme: JEANS



You may remember that we had this great idea, making a themed post every wednesday. Well, last wednesday’s theme was: JEANS!! Unfortunately because of all the school work we didn’t have time to upload it immediately, so here it is!

What do you think? It’s jeans all over, but that’s the great thing about jeans, you can combine it with practically everything! (which doesn’t mean we wear a lot of jeans ourselves, as you may have noticed in our previous outfitpost..)

We also had a tall & tiny rehearsal last wednesday and we started writing a new song. It’s going to be the soundtrack of our friends’ Chinese remake of ‘The devil wears Prada’. You can see us practising (and having fun) in the pics below!


Tall & tiny

jeans chic

jeans look


tall trying some chords for the new song. Notice the 4-strand braid Lai-Yan had made after class!

rehearsal Tall & tiny

Yes, we were having fun, and yes, tiny was a bit bored, so she made pics of everything


I’m bored, so I pretend to dislike our own music!

Our way

Hello there!

At this week’s rehearsal we came up with a new song! It’s not entirely finished yet but the start to a great song, for sure! This week has been tough so far because we have a lot of homework and classes.. But then again, we also have each other and that’s really nice, to have friends. : ) And of course, those two hours a week when we go play music.. Those are great too! At the rehearsal Jade took some pictures. Often when Elvi is figuring out an instrumental bit on the piano, Jade gets bored and starts walking around and playing with everything she can find (she also exercises like you can see in one of the pictures below). Now and then she comments “maybe something more evil here” or “maybe a little warmer there” and then Elvi continues. That’s how the songs are made really, all of them: our way. It’s like we turn on this ‘creativity’ button and get inspired by everything around us. All of our brains’ parts get linked with each other and we start to write, based on our emotions and instant thoughts. It’s a very fun process, come to think of it. We usually write the basis of our songs in about 2 hours. Then of course, they have to be recorded and we add other instruments and all that, but fundamentally, 2 hours is all it takes. Magic, right?

We also want to thank Lai Yan because she gaves us amazingly delicious Chinese crackers. And thanks Lara for the beautiful black dress! She gave it away to Elvi, but because Elvi is so tall it was too short for her, so she gave it to Jade. Thank you so much!

Elvi also got a gorgeous dark (very dark) red nailpolish from the Yves Rocher two weeks ago and Jade was kind of jealous. But now she first applied a thin layer of black nail polish and then finished it off with a layer of red and tadaa, our nails look exactly the same!

Also, our friend Laura had a photoshoot with her boyfriend this week. We think the picture is absolutely adorable and we wish them all the happiness of the world together! The picture was taken by Zihan Tang. Check his flickr account out here, and scroll all the way down to see the incredibly cute picture!

Tall and tiny

ps: don’t your just love Jade’s raccoon sweater?

There and back again

Hi everyone!

Last week we had some days off and combined with the weekend that created a kind of mini vacation for us! Elvi visited some friends in Germany and Jade went to the Belgian Ardennes with her family. We both had such a great time! Unfortunately, that makes the whole ‘going back to school’ thing a lot harder.. But of course, we always have each other and having good friends makes such a difference, doens’t it? : ) So here’s to friendship!

Also, check out our outfits and our new song below!
And PPS: Our post title refers to our little vacation, as well as The Lord of the Rings, who else is really exited to see The Hobbit? We are!!


Tall and tiny

Horrible Halloween!

BOO everyone!

We want to wish you all a horrible halloween!

To do so, we uploaded a new song today! It’s about the main character from the literary series: Where’s Waldo/ Where’s Wally (whatever you call him). One of our favorite pictures from these books is the one where he walks around in a vampire world. He always looks so happy, even though this is quite a terrible place. People are being tied up and tickled, yikes!! We felt like, maybe underneath the happy man with the striped shirt and the smile on his face, there is boy, feeling very very scared. So in our song, he is trying to get to the next page as fast as possible. But will he ever get out?

Now, before any discussions start, there is no point in going all: “the correct name is Wally!” because it depends on which country you’re from. We actually know him as Wally too, but thought Waldo sounded better for our song. : )

So enjoy our song,
and have a gruelsome halloween!

Horrible hugs and Slimey kisses,

Tall and tiny

ps: go wild on this gorillaz pumpkin carving game HERE!