Review – Loreal Préference 10.21 Stockholm Blonde

Hi all!

With my hair being shorter, I feel like now is the time to experiment, because if something goes wrong, it’ll grow back quickly and if necessary I can dye it again. Since I always spend a lot of money on dying my hair blonde, I wanted to try doing it at home.

I googled some products before buying anything, and bumped into a lot of “my hair turned orange!!!” posts on blogs. I also read that when this happens, using an ash-blonde dye can solve the problem. So I chose to go for an ash-blonde dye, from L’oreal. Why L’oreal? Because a friend of mine has her hair done by her mother (who used to be a hair stylist) who says L’oreal products are good because they don’t contain something awful which other products do contain (no idea what though). So I decided to go for this one, it is from L’oreal and the color is number 10.21 called ‘Stockholm’.

Anyway, the box said you could use it on blonde hair, but not too dark blonde, and definitely not brown hair. Since my roots were becoming darker again, I was a little scared, but went for it anyway. The instructions said to do your roots first, and then do the rest, but since I had nobody there to assist me, that was not possible, so I just used it like a shampoo, all over my hair. Then I let it sink in for 30 minutes and tadaa it looks great. Not orange, not grey, not yellow, not green. Just a little lighter. I fell all refreshed now!

So for blondes I advise it =)

I don’t think products like these take the color out of your hair though, it’s just a blonde coloring that you place on top of your hair. So your hair might be a little lighter of fresher, but it won’t go as white as the box says it will. If you want your hair to become much lighter, go to a hairdresser instead. =) My natural color is dark blonde (almost brown really) and the roots of my hair are not blonde after using this product, but they are ‘warmer’ and a little lighter. So it doesn’t replace going to the salon, but it can postpone your visit a little, and thus, save you some money. =)

Oh and by the way, the box contains this ‘color holding conditioner’ which is heavenly good! It doesn’t make your hair greasy but makes it all shiny. Love it!

x Jade

ps: might try something like this soon, like it?


Review – Tales of Monkey Island

Arrr ye scurvy dogs!!

I can’t believe I haven’t done this any sooner, because honestly, Monkey Island is not just one of my favorite games, it’s a part of me. My dad used to play it and I started playing it myself when I was still a  darn little kid. I grew up with the Monkey Island series (mostly watching my sister play it because it was too difficult for me at first) and have always loved the games.

For those who know Monkey Island, scroll down towards the picture, for those who don’t know Monkey Island: a quick introduction! Monkey Island is a series of Adventure Games, of which the first game was created in 1990 by Lucasarts. You play as a young man called Guybrush, who wants to become a pirate. You have to go through ‘the three trials’ in order to become one, which are: mastering swordplay (by defeating the swordmaster), thievery (by stealing an idol) and treasure huntery (by finding the legendary lost treasure of mêlée island). Guybrush falls in love with the local governor Elaine, who is kidnapped by the ghost pirate LeChuck! As a real pirate you have to go rescue her!

Now that all sounds very heroic and awesome, but the greatest thing about the series is: it isn’t. Guybrush is kind of an idiot from time to time. He is not muscular or strong, but has a particularly strong sense of wit. The game consists mostly of you picking up all kinds of random things you find (Guybrush IS indeed kind of a kleptomaniac), and using them very creatively to find your way out of nasty situations like being held captive by a group of cannibals! Never thought a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle could be useful? Think again!

The other games from the Monkey Island series go along the same kind of story. LeChuck always comes back and Guybrush always has to defeat him. There is a lot of humor in the games, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT. You can’t play monkey island without a smile! For instance, when swordfighting, you don’t just have to fight, you have to throw insults at one another, and know the correct reply to each insult. For instance, when your opponent says “You fight like a dairy farmer” you say “How appropriate, you fight like a cow!” and so on.

Ooookaay so now let’s get to the review of ‘Tales of Monkey Island’ shall we! This game is made by Telltale games, you know, the same ones who made the Walking Dead game I just posted about? It’s the second Monkey Island game in 3D, but where the last one made Guybrush look like a balloon, this one makes him look rather handsome. I love the graphics, I love the story, and I love the new game interface! Some people miss the classical point-and-click system, but I like it this way too.

The story goes like this: Guybrush starts out by stabbing LeChuck with his cursed cutlass of Kaflu, but instead of killing LeChuck, he sucks all the voodoo out and makes LeChuck a normal man (who is suddenly all sweet and kind, especially to Elaine, yuck). Then where did all the voodoo go? Into the cutlass? No that would be too easy! It has spread all over the Caribbean as ‘The Pox of LeChuck’, is making pirates sick, and is making them behave like total badass pirates. Guybrush’s hand is infected, and he can’t restrain it (he even slaps random people in the face!). So Guybrush sets out to try and stop the Pox. If he can find La Esponja Grande (yes, the giant sponge), it could suck the Pox out of all the victims. But where is La Esponja Grande? And can he leave Elaine behind with the ‘oh so kind’ LeChuck while he goes off on his adventure? Anyway, I won’t give away anything else, but it’s a really good story. ^^ There are also some new characters, which are also very good, and the game still has Dominic Armato’s voice acting, and with that, you’re golden.

I really love the game, because I feel like the characters have grown. In the first game Guybrush is only 19 years old, and now he is about 28. His wit has become even sharper, his loyalty to Elaine is stronger than ever and his sense of humor is definitely still as good as before. He actually makes a lot of kinky jokes in this game, which in my opinion are all very very funny. Throughout the series you can see him grow from a young guy saying “I wanna be a flooring inspector (oops I meant Pirate)!” to an actual legendary pirate.

Out of all video game characters in the world, Guybrush is my No. 1 favorite. He is just so different than all the other characters out there, and he is amazing!


If you are interested in playing Monkey Island for the first time, try the Special Edition version of the first game! It’s a remake from the original game for tablets, and it’s really fun. If you swipe over the screen, it changes into the original version, so you can switch between styles as you play.

And last but not least, if you want to practice your insult swordfighting in Chinese, go HERE!

Now go play!



Nah, just kidding

Review: The Walking Dead (game)

Grrr Aaarrgh!

The Walking Dead is a video game based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. It exists of five episodes, which you can buy separately, or all together for only €15. I think it’s an amazing game, that really sticks in your head after you’ve played it. It’s an adventure game, but unlike most puzzle solving adventure games, this one is more focused on the psychological aspect of the story, how you relate to the other characters and how your own character develops.

The game takes place in the same world as the comic, where there is a zombie apocalypse, hence the title: the walking dead. The zombies are called ‘walkers’ because of the slow way they walk, which is quite fortunate for the player, otherwise you’d be dead in an instant! ‘The Running Dead’ would’ve made for an awfully difficult game. You play the game as the main character: Lee Everett, about whom I won’t say any more, I’ll let you find out his story by yourself. Wat I can already say is that he is a very sympathizable character, who you really enjoy playing with. At the beginning of the game you find a little girl called Clementine, who you have to take of, which makes the game all the more emotional. You start feeling very responsible for her pretty quickly, and she is just super cute.

Throughout the game you encounter lots of other people who either join your group or become hostile. You have to make many decisions, which is basically the main aspect of the game: you decide and the game develops based upon what you do. That’s what makes you so personally involved, when someone dies, it’s often because of what you said or did. Often when I went to bed after playing, I kept thinking about everything I did, and doubting whether I had made the right choice.

It’s a great game to play together by the way. Mind you, it is a single player game. But one person can play and the other can watch. I played it with my boyfriend, and I know other people who did it just the same way. Because you have to decide fast sometimes, you can’t always talk every decision through, but as a ‘watcher’ you are also very involved in the game. I think the best thing about the game is turning it off and discussing (and comparing) all your decisions with friends!

I also really like the graphics, not super realistic, but artistic, and I admire that. Also, it’s made by Telltale games, which is such a great company, always offering great games at low prices. : )

So basically, get it get it! Play it! and tell me all about it ; )



The-Walking-Dead-Game Walking-Dead-Ep-2-05 the-walking-dead-game-episode-4-walkthrough

Review – Lush Toothpaste + Extra photo update


We have some pictures which we have been wanting to share with you for quite a while now, but we just haven’t had the time to do so. So here is an extra long post, filled with pictures from the last couple of weeks!

The first series of pictures was taken this week. Check out Elvi’s amazing updo. All those colors… Woooow….

Tall and tiny Tall and tiny pink green blue hair updo flowers princess

We went out together this tuesday, and on our way home we passed this sign. It says “Het fietsexamen” which stands for a test you can take, to prove you can ride a bicycle. No, you don’t need a driver’s license to be allowed to ride a bike here in Belgium, but if you doubt your bicycle skills, you can take this exam. And now comes the big shocker of the day: Jade is 21 years old and she doesn’t -repeat: doesn’t- know how to ride a bike. She just never learned it, and also she has no insight in traffic. It’s like walking with a monkey or a very small child, even as a pedestrian she hasn’t got a clue where she’s going. We’re all wondering how that’s gonna turn out when she starts driving a car…

Tall and tiny Jade

This picture was taken yesterday. It’s blurry because it was taken very quickly, as it was raining like hell. Some people are setting up a fake circus right outside our school, with statues of elephants, tigers and bears, but we have no idea why. Well, whatever they’re doing, it looked cool and we had to take a picture with the elephant!

Tall and tiny Ladeuze plein

These pictures were taken more than a month ago, when the weather was actually nicer than it is now… Check out how the girl on Elvi’s shirt has the same hair as her, and check out Jade’s little clock!

Tall and tiny long pink hair Tall and tinyTall and tiny clock necklace


Ah, the next part of our post is rather interesting– and disgusting!! Lai-Yan had gotten some free samples from Lush. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love lush. Their products are without a doubt a-ma-zing as well as super animal friendly! However this product was… not their best… And that was a euphemism. It were three little tablets, which smelled awful, and we were supposed to put them in our mouths and then they would start foaming or something and it would be like a natural toothpaste. Didn’t happen. No foam, no toothpaste. Just a wet tablet that tasted like poo inside your mouth. It was disgusting, and we actually felt quite sick after using it… BLEH! Check out Jade’s face after using it, priceless.

Lush toothpaste tablets DSC09324

And last but not least, how ridiculously well do these roller skates match out outfits AND cupcakes? We would look so totally awesome…

colorful pastel roller skates TNTThere you go! All updated now! We hope you enjoyed our post!

Enjoy the weekend!


Review – Dove Summer Glow


I was always the kind of girl who couldn’t help lying in the sun for hours, without sunscreen. I just don’t burn easily, and tan very nicely, so I always assumed my skin could handle the sun. However, a while ago, I saw a documentary about sun exposure, where they showed young girls a computer made picture of what they would look like 20 years later with- and without tanning in the sun. I was absolutely shocked! without sun exposure, they were beautiful women, and with sun exposure they were wrinkled to the bone!

Also, when I went to Athens with my boyfriend and his sister (and her husband, and her baby), his sister told me that everybody’s skin has a certain amount of times it can be burned. For instance, maybe somebody with very light skin can tolerate being burned for 50 times, and somebody with darker skin can stand to be burned 100 times. But once your ‘turns’ are up, you get skin cancer. So basically, every single time your skin gets burned by the sun, you get one step closer to cancer.

So, to sum up: tanning in the sun equals wrinkles and cancer. Not very pleasant, is it?

tan lotion review

But we all love to have that golden glow over ourselves which makes us look healthy and happy! Of course, there are other ways to achieve this without lying in the sun all day. But are they all equally good? I don’t really know that, because I haven’t tried it all. I don’t like tanning beds because they are known to be very unhealthy. And I’ve always feared tanning spray because they can make you look orange!

However, I’ve read a lot about it, and using a mild tanning spray or lotion is a lot healthier than lying in the sun, so I gave it a go. You should know, tanning is never good for you. Tanning sprays and lotions are the safest and healthiest way to go though. It contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which will tan the upper layer of your skin (and won’t go any deeper than that, like the sun does). The only unhealthy thing about it, is that these chemicals can be harmful when you breathe them in, so be careful with that.

dove summer glow reviewThe product I used was Dove Summer Glow. I chose Dove because it’s the only brand I don’t associate with an overdose of Photoshop. Their models are beautiful, healthy looking women, instead of those super skinny models, who occasionally look orange. I also chose the mildest version of the product, just to be safe.

Apart from being a tanning lotion, it’s also just a good body lotion that takes care of your skin. I’ve read other reviews of this product, saying that it’s too greasy, but I don’t agree. You just need to let it sink in to your skin, and then your skin will feel super soft! You have to make sure you equally divide it over your entire body, and use circular movements. I didn’t use it on my face though, because of my blonde hair (don’t want to become Paris Hilton, I like my face to be white).

One day later, it looks very pretty. It’s just what it says it is: a summer glow. I’m not super tan, but I have a healthy glow, like I’ve been in the sun! And I don’t look orange at all. =) Also, no stripes!


I usually prefer doing things naturally, so I think I won’t use this lotion too often. But it is a good way to tan if you want to stay out of the sun. And if you do decide to go natural, check out these tips:

So anyway, it’s a good product, it’s safe, it’s easy and it’s not too harmful! And also, it’s not that expensive, compared to other products!

But keep in mind, that no matter how you tan, try to do it safely. You’ll thank yourself when you’re older!

Last but not least, for those who love it naturally: melons, apricots, spinach, peppers and carrots contain carotenoids which give your skin that healthy glow you’re looking for. =) So go ahead and eat those!

Love, Jade

Snowy spring outfit

Hi everyone,

Do you remember that post about this gorgeous skirt Jade ordered from Check it out here. She was so happy with it and couldn’t wait for it to arrive so she could wear it for Christmas. Unfortunately, even though she had ordered it in time, it didn’t arrive when it was supposed to. She sent them an e-mail and they told her her skirt had gotten lost in the post. Yeah… That really sucked! They have refunded her though, which is nice of them. But still, She’s so disappointed! We feel like it’s always a bit of a gamble, ordering from Romwe. So Jade decided not to order the skirt again, and to go with the season. Christmas is over anyway, and spring will be upon us in a couple of weeks (or probably months, it is Belgium after all) and so she ordered a dress from instead! Check it out below! Rire got the dress here pretty quickly and there was a handwritten card with it and all. Very nice service!

Anyway, so far for cheering ourselves up.. Cheering up is kind of necessary since we are in the middle of the exams. It’s so much work and we’re really tired and stressed out! Ah well… Wish us luck!

xx Tiny Jadie and Tall Elvi
ps: and look at all that snow!!
pps: also, fictitious fashion is doing another giveaway from rire, so fingers crossed!

1 2 3 4 5main picture-rire boutique winenr

First Romwe order!

Hi everyone, tiny here!

A while ago I discovered I instantly fell in love with simply everything they sold and it’s not expensive + they have free international shipping! So I couldn’t resist placing an order. Elvi however, warned me that their clothes are sometimes strangely shaped and a dress she ordered a while ago didn’t look good at all. Also, I read some negative things online which kind of scared me, but most reviews were positive. Now I want to make a clear statement first, which is this: Romwe is NOT giving me the clothes for free because of this blog, believe me I wish they would, but our blog is just not popular enough to get free stuff. So this is not a fake positive review in exchange for clothes!

I placed my order and then after that I quickly placed another one. The first order contained four dresses and the second one a pair of leggings. However, I decided I wanted a different pair of leggings instead so I contacted the Romwe service and they cancelled it and I could place a new order. This wasn’t easy because Asian time is so different than here, so I would mail them when it’s night there, and they would mail me when it’s night here and so on… But they provided a good service and did what they had to do. =)

Now, for the items! Below are the pictures of the dresses I ordered. I also have a picture where I’m wearing one of the dresses, the others will follow in other posts soon! The atom bomb dress is perfect. It’s exactly like I thought it would be, the fabric is very good and the colors are amazing! The big wave dress is also amazing! I was afraid it would be too short but it’s just fine. Also the fabric is very good. The blue dress is a cheaper and very thin fabric and didn’t fit perfectly, however with a belt it looks good as well. Because it was cheap I’m not complaining and with the belt it actually looks just fine! Then last but not least: the galaxy dress. They said it was long but I didn’t think it would be this long! I’d rather have it a little bit shorter, so again, with the belt, I fixed it. I can’t use a pin for it because the fabric is very fragile and see-through so the belt will have to do!

So all in all, I give the first two items 10/10 and the second two 6/10 but that’s okay because I can fix it with a belt. So I’m very happy!! The leggings still have to arrive, and when they do I’ll let you know! Also check here now and then because I will upload pictures of the other dresses soon!


* Update *

Since our statistics say a lot of people read this review, I just had to write this little update. I ordered a skirt from Romwe for Christmas, which never arrived. I contacted them about this and they refunded the skirt. So all in all, they won’t take your money away or anything, they’ll pay it back. But, when ordering from Romwe, you can wait eargerly for 2 months and then hear your package got lost in the post… So it’s always a bit of a risk, ordering from them.

Also, I wanted to say something about the quality. It can be really nice, as long a it’s in the right fabric. For example: the tight ‘big wave’ dress (which you can see above) is made from the same stretchy fabric as Romwe’s leggings, and this is great quality! However some of their dresses (like the blue one above) are made in a very plastic-like fabric, and the model just doesn’t fit the way it should, the skirt doesn’t ‘fall’ the way it should. So check the fabric before you buy.

And last but not least: keep in mind that Romwe is Asian, which means their clothes are Asian sized. If you have big boobs, or if you’re very tall, their dresses might not fit you that well.

Review – Crest 3D Whitestrips


Quite a while ago I started researching about Crest Whitestrips. Not that my teeth looked bad, but I love wearing red lipstick. And as any lipstick-loving lady knows: red lipstick makes your teeth look yellow… So anyway, I did some researching and I read about a lot of people who said their teeth were so sensitive because of the product that they had to stop using it. That kind of scared me, so I bought the Crest 3D whitestrips – Gentle routine. These are very gentle, and instead of leaving them on for hours you just use them 5 minutes a day.

Gentle Routine

First of all: they are very very easy to use. You just peel the strips off the packaging like you do with stickers, and you apply them on your teeth. I have to say though, that it’s not like in the commercials, where they are at work when using them, smiling all the time, as if you can’t see the strips. In reality, there is quite some drooling! Haha, however after using them a couple of times you get the hang of it more and more and it gets better. I didn’t feel any pain after the first use, so started using them for 30 minutes instead of 5. Still, no pain at all. After using 7 strips (of the total 28) I hardly saw a difference. A teensy bit maybe, but it just wasn’t worth the money.. So I returned the remaining strips and got my money (for those strips) back. Too bad, because I liked the pink packaging. ^^


Professional Effects

Again, after a lot of researching, I decided to buy the professional effects. You get 20 strips and should use one a day for 30 minutes. Again, they are easy to apply. =) I have to say, these worked so much better! And I didn’t experience any horrible pains. After a couple of days my teeth got a little sensitive, but then I just stopped using them for one or two days and the pain was gone. I’ve used 10 strips now and I stopped using them because I’m quite satisfied already. If the whitening wears off, I can use the other 10. ^^ I stopped using them about a month ago, and my teeth are still looking very good! I haven’t been drinking coffee and tea though, and keep brushing very well too. Also, I have to add, after using them for like 4 days, I went to the dentist and she said crest is a very good product for home whitening, and not that bad for your teeth. Of course bleaching is never really good, but neither is drinking soda and orange juice so… All in all, it’s a very good product!

Sadly, I don’t have any personal before-and-after pictures because I couldn’t ever get the lighting right.. But trust me, there’s a difference! I also hear it from other people, like my mom on skype going all: “Gee Jade your teeth are really white”

So yes, I recommend it!

Lots of love,

*** 11/10/2012 Update ***

It’s been quite a while now and I just wanted to say, I’m still very pleased with the results! Although, I’ve noticed, drinking coffee or tea really ruins it. So if you want to use these strips, be prepared for giving up these drinks for a while! xx

Review – Syoss Shampoo

Hi all!

There’s this dutch website I really love to read, it’s called It has all kinds of stuff on there, to interest ladies: hair, make-up and nail information, recipes, articles about relationships and family and so on… This week I read THIS ARTICLE about Syoss shampoo. They said it’s almost as good as the products you can buy at hairdressers, only this is affordable. So I thought I might test it too!

The Shampoo

The first product I tested was the regular shampoo. They have all kinds, but I chose the one for long and damaged hair, because it takes a lot of work to keep my hair in good condition now that it’s becoming so long. First of all: it smells great. Like, really, great. And second of all: it feels really nice when using. You get a lot of foam out of just a little bit of shampoo. Afterwards I dried my hair with a blow dryer and my hair felt very soft and smooth. Of course, I always use a lot of conditioner too so I can’t really tell whether it’s the shampoo’s work or not..

My experience

I really like the product. It smells good, it feels good, the results are good and the price isn’t bad. The only downfall is that it’s animal tested. I just read an article on this, and appareantly, everything I use is animal tested. Getting products that aren’t isn’t that easy because they instantly cost more. But maybe I should start saving up for LUSH products. =)

The Dry Shampoo

This product seemed like something from a science fiction movie to me. A shampoo that you can just spray on dry hair and would make your hair clean again? No way that’s possible! Well, it is. I love this product because I have a pony and often my pony needs washing, but the rest of my hair doesn’t. And because I have long and fragile hair, I prefer not to wash it too often. The shampoo is easy to apply and again, smells good. But there are some negative sides to it as well..

My experience

This one is the anti-grease one. There is also an extra-volume one that I haven’t tested yet. It’s a great product because it actually does what it’s supposed to do! So yes, it’s good. However.. you’re spraying some sort of powder into the room and the result is: quite an amount of coughing -ahem-. Also, I have blonde hair, but I’ve heard that people with dark hair tend to get this white-ish glow on their hair. I also wouldn’t recommend it for using on your entire hair, because it really dries it out. Apart from that, it’s great. =) I am going to keep it in the closet, for situations like “OMG my exam is in 30 minutes and I still have to wash my hair!!”

Last but not least I want to show you guys what my hair looked like after using. After I’ve washed and dried my hair I usually put it in a ponytail. Then when I take the ponytail off about a day later, I always have this stupidlooking wave in my hair, you know? Also my hair is very very flat, especially after I’ve washed it. But after using the syoss shampoo and wearing my hair up for a day, it looked very good when I took it down again. So you see, it’s not a bad product. =)

Lots of love!

*** 08/10/2012 UPDATE ***

Well, dear readers.. I don’t know what to say except.. I might have been wrong. Does the shampoo have amazing results? Yes. But do they last? I don’t think so! At first my hair had so much volume and it felt great, but after a couple of weeks it really started to dry out. So it’s a good product for a one time use (but then what do you do with the rest of the bottle?) but not for everyday use. I cut like 5 full centimeters off this weekend!! Makes me sad but oh.. It’s so soft now. =) Love, tiny

Review – Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug

Hi all!

Today we’re reviewing Kevin Murphy’s color bug! Elvi won 2 of each color (hooray!! thanks to and was kind enough to share it, so we could test it!

  • What is it?

This is what Kevin Murphy has to say about his product: “Wild crazy color became the new hot thing but you cant just color a models hair just because you feel like it. I wanted full on color but without the commitment!” Well that basically sums it up! You can use the color bug to instantly color parts of your hair in a very bright color and remove it easily as well. The idea is to put color on your hair in the same way as you put make-up on your face. So what is it? It’s a little cut off ball with a plastic cover on the flat side. If you remove the plastic, basically what you have is something that resembles an eye-shadow pad, with the K of Kevin engraved in the powder. As you can see below the color bug is available in three colors: pink, orange and purple:

  • How to use it

So this is what you have to do, and it’s really simple! A little tip before you start, the color stays on best when you’ve used some sort of styling mousse on your hair first. You just have to place a strand of hair on your hand or a towel and rub the color bug onto it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rub it hard (so it’s not that damaging to your hair) the color comes off easily. You can keep rubbing it until your hair has reached the color you wanted. Beware though that when you do this, the color also comes off on your hand/towel! Don’t worry it washes off easily, but don’t wear your ‘this is what I will wear today’ outfit yet, because it will be covered in color bug powder! 😉 Also, when wearing the powder in your hair it slowly comes off during the day, so after wearing it you’re shirt might be covered in it. Elvi and I tried it, and this is what Elvi’s shirt looked like… :

  • What we think

We love the color bugs! We tried the pink one and the color comes off really easily, and washed out well too. Of course that does mean it doesn’t work when walking in the rain (too bad for us Belgians eh?). It doesn’t stay on forever, but long enough. It’s not like it will be gone by the end of the night. Consider it make up for your hair! What’s great about it, is that is does not only work on light hair, but also on darker hair. Check out the pictures of Elvi below, look how bright the color is! Soon we’ll be testing the purple one on our Chinese friend Lai Yan, and we’re very curious whether it is going to have an effect or not. We will also make a video then, so you can see how we apply it. So to sum up: very easy to use, good results and let’s admit.. It’s just really cool! 😀