The Oscars - 大学的电影晚会


Since we’re being such goodie-goodies and we’re studying very hard for our exams right now, we don’t have time to take any pictures for our blog. But, fortunately we still have some pictures, which were too lazy to upload before, so now that laziness pays off (love it when that happens)! These pictures were taken at the Sinology Oscars. Every year the students who are in their second year of sinology have to make a Chinese movie. Afterwards the school organizes a kind of ‘Sinology Oscars’ where the movies are shown and everybody has to vote. There are ambassadors and people from the Chinese radio and everything. It’s really fun! Last year we won all the prizes, yay for us! You can check out our speech HERE and watch our movie HERE (or with Dutch subtitles HERE). If you want to watch the two of us cursing at each other in Chinese, skip to the scene which starts at 15:22. And we sing a song in the end, haha! If you don’t speak Chinese, nor Dutch, just watch the trailers below!

We had such a good time shooting that movie, if we’d have less homework we’d make another one! This year our dear Friend Laura and her friends had to make a movie and they also won a prize, yay for them!

Here are some pictures of us at this year’s oscars. As usual, Jade couldn’t help herself from dancing acting a little silly. Check out the pretty orchid in her hair though, it’s cute! We also had some group pictures taken. ^^

Jade Elvi Tall and tiny orchid hairJade tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny KU Leuven Sinologie filmavond

Last year, we also had a picture taken for our movie, check it out! (Photographer: Wim Knapen)

上海谋杀 KU Leuven sinologie

How do you say…?

Hello everyone!

When we tell someone we study Chinese, their first reaction is either “wow that’s so cool” or “you’re going to be so rich”. First of all, the rich thing? Highly unlikely for the both of us, since we aren’t interested in the business world. And now for the ‘wow cool’ part. It starts off with “Say something in chinese!” and then we quickly say anything that comes to mind, no matter how silly it is and make them go “that’s awesome” which makes us feel all proud of ourselves. Then comes the next phase: “Can you say this?” “How do you say that?” It’s like they can’t believe we actually speak Chinese, so they have to test us all the time.

“How do you say uncle in Chinese?”

“Uhh… Let me think… It’s uh… No wait it’s… Eh..”

“Geesh, you can’t even say a simple word like uncle?”

And then -BAM- away goes all the credibility of us being able to speak Chinese. Why is it that we sometimes find it hard to translate the simplest of words? Because Chinese is a very complicated language. Don’t understand what we’re trying to say? Check out the video below, and find out how to say ‘uncle’ in Chinese yourself. Good luck!

Motivational Music


We started studying for our Chinese exams today and it’s so much work and it’s so hard and aaaaah– Time for motivational music! I’d like to share some of my favorites with you all!

xx, Jadiewady

And then finishing the list, become enlightened by this one:

Our Class


Yesterday, after our last class, we took a picture of our class. So remaining in the -goodbye school- theme… Here they are!

klasfoto klasfoto 2

My list of awesome (tiny)


So after our last “It’s over!” post, I started to remember some nice moments from the past three years. Because right now, I’ve had it with school, but nevertheless, there are also some great memories to cherish. Here is a list describing 28 things that made the past three years awesome for me:

1. Writing my first assignment in Chinese and feeling super duper proud of it


2. When doing the dishes with my boyfriend ended up like this


3. The time we drew ourselves as pirates, went to one of our teachers and used the drawings to tell a story to her


4. The time I went to the Stephen Hawking lecture in the park


5. When Skyrim was released and I played it for a couple days straight


6. When we took our school assignment about Christmas to another level by dressing up and playing Christmas music in class while doing our lecture.


7. When we had our first girls’ night


8. The first time I got to put a Christmas tree in my own apartment


9. The time Laura’s face did this


10. The time we did our nails and mine were pac-man themed (epic)


11. The time we took our first Tall and tiny photo

Tall & tiny

12. All those times we had class in the MSI building, and always sat together the way friends do

11. 12 13

13. The time we had calligraphy class outside because the sun was shining


14. The time my hair did this


15. All the classes we’ve had with headphones, where you speak Chinese and then hear yourself talking really loud


16. That time we won all prizes at the sinology oscars, and the fact that we had such a good time shooting our movie


17. When I practiced my calligraphy on the floor with Malteke next to me


18. That time we went to an art gallery and dressed up all arty farty


19. When I went to the library to get books for my paper, and felt all smart because of it (and yes, when that crazy woman on the street yelled at me because of my dumb blondness, but let’s leave that part out, shall we?)


20. When I was really sick and my boyfriend took such good care of me, and I then fell asleep while watching Buffy (notice the books from the last picture lying on the sofa, clearly they were used effectively)


21. When my boyfriend and I got fast food and I did this


22. All the times I was studying with Malteke (Who also thought my courses were boring and regularly fell asleep on them)


23. The rare couple of times this happened


24. The fact that there was pie (mostly thanks to Lai-Yan)


25. The day we got all dressed up in fancy fashionista clothes and went to Antwerp Fashion Night for free goodies

2 1

26. The day I threw my not-yet-21-years-old party (which was awesome, thanks you guys!)

foto27. The day we got Wookiee


28. All of our rehearsals and gigs

24 Tall and tiny281415_464426006943513_1286093175_n 599062_470339119685535_548795592_n 482231_532883323431114_1049003875_n 644586_547102758675837_594503214_n 1.

To everyone who contributed to the awesomeness of these three years: thank you. Thanks mom and dad for paying for my apartment and school fees, thanks Elvi for being my awesome pal, thanks Derian for being the best boyfriend I could wish for, thanks Nele and Matthieu for always being there even though you’re far away, thanks to all my other friends and pets and teachers and so on, thank you!

Xx Jadiewady


Hi everyone! It’s about time we bring this up… IT’S OVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER OMG Yup, you read it. Okay, let’s not get dramatic, but still, what do we mean by this? Well, today we had our last day of class. We study sinology and it takes 3 years to get your bachelor degree. Well, we are finishing our third year now, and after that everything is going to change. We still have to take on some courses next year, but different ones. Which means: we’re not taking classes together anymore. Also, Elvi is moving to Antwerp and Jade will mostly still be in Leuven, so we’re not even in the same city anymore!! Obviously, this could be quite fatal for our blog.. We could always take separate pictures and make separate posts, but that’s just not the same, is it? Anyway, we don’t know what’s going to happen yet, which is scary but also exciting. Change is good sometimes. =) But don’t worry, we’ll let you know when something major changes! It’s so weird that this was the last day of following class like this, with these teachers, these students… We’ll miss it but- nah who are we kidding we won’t miss it that much. It’s time for change! So, what we’d like to say is: Dear School, So long, SEE YA! Check out these polaroid pictures Jade took in class! School life… xx Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Leuven This is the wibbly wobbly bridge from ‘I Like It’ by the way ^^ Tall and tiny Leuven Subtitling class (on the worst, old-fashioned computers ever) Tall and tiny Leuven Tall and tiny Leuven Tall and tiny Leuven Still not used to our teacher’s T-shirt… Dear lord… Tall and tiny Leuven A while ago we couldn’t find a classroom and had class in the hallway, which was awesome! Tall and tiny LeuvenIMG_20130523_140731

Crazy Girls On Stage


For those who regularly read our blog, this is all very repetitive, but still, for those who don’t: a while ago we entered a competition called ‘Students On Stage’ which is organized by our university. We got into the semi-finals (yay for us!) and those were held yesterday! We had a blast! It was a super tiny stage (even though it was at held at a very popular location) but all three of us got on. “Three? My oh my, I though it was only two!” Nope! It is only two, but for one of our songs we hired a very dear friend of Jade to come help us out. He normally plays an entirely different kind of music, but he had a lot of fun doing this for a change. Check out his own band’s facebook HERE. Thank you Matthieu! We also have a new favorite prop called ‘Rocky Rawr’ which we taped onto the synthesizer (you can see him on the left). And of course we brought the usual amount of flowers, clocks, bird cages etc. It was very funny, since all the other bands that played were rock or metal bands, our poppy sound came as quite the surprise for the audience. Haha, maybe we should’ve taken pictures of their faces instead of our own, that would have made a good series of photos!

We didn’t get into the finals (check out who did HERE), but still, we had a good time! At the end of our performance, one of the people who worked there asked us if we wanted to play in their monthly open mic, because she liked our music. Guess when that open mic was? Also yesterday! So basically, we were there all day. Which means we’re very very tired now, so it’s time to get some sleep. =)

Scroll down to see some pictures! You can see the three of us on our tiny stage, and the last picture was taken during the open mic. Enjoy!

Love, TNT

Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Tall and tiny Matthieu PelhateTall and tiny Tall and tiny

Roses are red

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? We are super duper busy lately, because we have been selected for the semi-finals of Students on Stage! Seriously, what is up with us and competitions lately… We’ll be playing next wednesday, at 4 PM @HET DEPOT in Leuven. So anyone who is in the neighborhood: come watch us play! Here is the FB-link to the event:

The weather is going up and down here. Some days it’s super warm and then sometimes it’s like -BOOM- someone turned the sun off. Ah well, when the sun is out we can take lovely pictures like this one below! Check out how Jade’s outfit is all matchy matchy. Diadem, earrings, lipstick, (temp) tatto, dress, shoes… She almost never does that!

We wish you all a happy weekend!

xx TNT

Tall and tiny tattoo for a week rose temporary temp Tall and tiny

Attending Liu Yandong’s visit

Yesterday miss Liu Yandong visited our school, and the both of us got to attend! It was interesting to listen to what she has to say, as well as see what clothes she wears, how she greets people, how she poses for a picture.. It tells us a lot about her, as well as the Chinese in general. It was a true cultural lesson! We also got Belgian and Chinese flags to wave around at her, which of course we loved! Also, as you can see, we found particular joy in waving the flags in front of each other’s faces while taking our pictures!