Take a bow

Hello all!

First of all, happy easter to all of you! We’ve got a 2-week holiday starting today and Jade is spending one week at the Belgium coast! Unfortunately it’s still very cold out here! As you can see at the pics it’s still snowing sometimes and that’s a bit weird for us at this time of the year!

I’m wearing my new moschino dress, my mum bought it for me for only 5 euros! It was second hand and the owner had just worn it once, so I’m so happy with it! The dress is a perfect match with my konplott earrings, which have lace bows in it as well. I adore this cut-out bow!

Enjoy your easterday!



konplott bow lace earrings


moschino bow dress

Time Traveler

You can relax, Jade is still alive! Close call though. She had to wear quite some layers though, she looked so funny. Almost like some kind of time traveler who has come from a time where there is/was no snow. Check out a close-up of her face below, and see for yourself how wrapped up she is. ^^ Elvi wore her super Uggs to keep her warm, they sure look comfy… But seriously, it was not just snowing this morning, but the wind was also blowing so super hard that you really couldn’t see a thing. The most shocking thing about this weather is, that exactly a week ago from today, it was super sunny. In 7 days we went from 20° to -11° (68 to 12 in Fahrenheit)! To show you guys the extreme difference, scroll down and compare today’s picture with last Tuesday’s picture.

Anyway, we’re super busy with school because we have tons of homework this week. Tomorrow we have to perform a 30 minute long play in Chinese and we don’t even know our lines yet… Also, this weekend we are performing at Art For Education and we still have a lot of rehearsing to do! And last but not least, we have to translate a Chinese song by next Tuesday, and of course want to make our own version of it, but that costs time and we don’t have time! … Maybe time traveling isn’t such a bad idea?

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Icy hugs from Tall and whoever that crazy little person next to her is

Tall and tiny  DSC09124jade Tall and tiny

Blown away

By the Devils dancing on Stu’s grave how is this possible!? It’s March 12th and it’s snowing like it has never snowed before here! I just took my dogs out for a walk, and the puppy nearly disappeared, that’s how deep the snow was! No problem for her though, she just started eating it and started running around like crazy. The other dog almost froze to death though, poor thing. Seriously, this is truly abnormal. Also, I have NO shoes for this weather. I only have A. shoes with heels, B. shoes that are so flat it’s like skiing (and falling) and C. sneakers made from fabric. I have to go meet up with Elvi soon, because we’ve got a rehearsal, and after that we have to get to class. However, I don’t know if I’ll make it there. Elvi if you read this after 12 ‘o clock and I’m still not there, send out a search party for me!

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PS: At least it’s not this bad…


comfy sweaters


Yesterday it was snowing again! And no, we don’t like it, we’ve had enough snow and we can’t wait till it’s sunny again! But the good part about the cold weather is that we can wear our favorite sweaters! For Jade that means a huge salmonpink coloured knitted sweater and for elvi a black with white ‘real dots’ sweater! And what do you think about the cute hat with the bear jade’s wearing in the 2nd pic?

We’re still very busy for school, at this moment we’re translating a part from a Chinese book into Dutch. We’re also writing an article in Chinese with lots of statistics. Glad when it’s tomorrow evening, when we’re going to celebrate our good friend Lai-Yan’s birthday! We’ve also planned a tall & tiny weekend in 2 weeks, so we can finally start rehearse our music again! (and maybe snap some more pics, who knows!)


Tall & tiny

big sweater and dots last snow

Snowy spring outfit

Hi everyone,

Do you remember that post about this gorgeous skirt Jade ordered from Romwe.com? Check it out here. She was so happy with it and couldn’t wait for it to arrive so she could wear it for Christmas. Unfortunately, even though she had ordered it in time, it didn’t arrive when it was supposed to. She sent them an e-mail and they told her her skirt had gotten lost in the post. Yeah… That really sucked! They have refunded her though, which is nice of them. But still, She’s so disappointed! We feel like it’s always a bit of a gamble, ordering from Romwe. So Jade decided not to order the skirt again, and to go with the season. Christmas is over anyway, and spring will be upon us in a couple of weeks (or probably months, it is Belgium after all) and so she ordered a dress from Rireboutique.com instead! Check it out below! Rire got the dress here pretty quickly and there was a handwritten card with it and all. Very nice service!

Anyway, so far for cheering ourselves up.. Cheering up is kind of necessary since we are in the middle of the exams. It’s so much work and we’re really tired and stressed out! Ah well… Wish us luck!

xx Tiny Jadie and Tall Elvi
ps: and look at all that snow!!
pps: also, fictitious fashion is doing another giveaway from rire, so fingers crossed!

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