Tall’s Highlights of the Week



Just wanted to share my personal highlights of this week!

1. I made it to the frontpage of Chictopia! This is huge honour and I was very surprised by it! Thanks people from Chictopia for choosing my photo to show on the frontpage!

chictopia frontpage

2. I’ve reached 500 followers on Pinterest! I absolutely loooove PInterest. I love browsing and getting inspired by all the beautiful pics there. You can click on the picture below to check out my boards!

pinterest 500 followers


It’s great to notice these little things while studying and hopefully I’ll be surprised by more nice things in the next 3 weeks!



List of awesome Part two (Tall)

Hey you!

After Jade’s list of awesome I can’t stay behind and I want to make my own list of awesome!! So here it is: The list with 35 reasons that describes why the last three years have been great for me!

1. I found a studio on the first day I went to leuven to search a place to live!

00 . leuvenhuis

2. my friends helped me pack my stuff before moving to Belgium

1. moving - xin 1. moving - qinchao 3. boxes

3. enjoying the first snow in the beautiful historic centre of Leuven 4. snow2 4. snow14. going to the first christmas market in my life

kerstmarkt5. going to the pizza hut for diner while making art at the same time

tekening pizza hut6. almost missed the train because we HAD to order a McFlurry first

mcflurry7. The first cake Lai-Yan made us.

5. cake LY8. the first time we went to the chinese movie evening at our school. A year later we made our own Chinese movie!

7. film19. Going to the prom / ball / whatever of our faculty. It wasn’t that interesting, but the best part is always dressing up!

ball10. Photoshopping ourselves as Charlie’s Angels

charlie11. eating al sorts of food, marrocain food, thai food, fries, cake we love it all!!

marrokaans friet hot chocolate12. enjoying the sunshine in the park (and then totally forgot about the chocolate cake we brought…)

zon cakepark

13. the time Laura made us cupcakes which accidentally matched our outfits!

cupcakes14. when we’re bored, we make braids!

hair braids vlechten tripple braid jade braid

15. I made James Wong’s chicken soup to make me feel better!

james wong soup16. I tried a doggy biscuit, I just wanted to know what it tasted like, it ain’t that bad!

koekje17. The time we threw a surpise knitting party for Cecile at my place

knitting party18. the time I put red food colouring on all sorts of food at Laura’s B-day party.

chips19. the time Jade secretly put my name down on a list to attend the visit of Liu Yandong. I didn’t want to go, because we had to prepare an ancient Chinese poem. But after all, we did have fun!

china20. all those times we worked in the library, most of the time boring, but luckily the building is beautiful and we always went together! bieb1 bieb221. the time I had to leave my studio, but moved to another place where I could start redecorating again (that’s always the best part about moving)

lijstjes22. All the times me and Lara danced in my room while playing the Spice Girls really loud

spice girls23. The time I slipped out of class and played piano instead

piano24. The time when my Dutch friends came to Belgium to celebrate Sinterklaas & Christmas

sinterklaas25. the time we did our nails in the McDonalds

mcdonalds26. the drawing I made for a school assignment.

tekening27. The day I started running


28. the time we made our own Chinese movie

04 11 0729. The time that Sofie finally convinced me to celebrate Carnaval with her. I dressed up like Cleopatra

6. carnaval30. playing with Jade’s dogs.

maltie31. Recording our first music video clip. We brought a lot of stuff and decorated the piano. (We still have to upload the video..) jade qipao clip32. The time when my Belgium friends came to Holland


33. the day I dyed my hair pink

elvi kinki

34. studying during summer holiday in France, not such a great experience, but it’s better to study there than study at home!


35. studying at night in the garden

buitenWell that was a nice overview of the last 3 years! Next year will be so different, I’m going to move to Antwerp and Jade will stay in Leuven. I’m really looking forward to it, although I’m going to miss the ‘normal school life’ with the four of us having lessons together!  Hopefully there still will be enough Tall & tiny stuff =)



Hi there,

this was my outfit when I went shopping with my mum. We had to buy new stuff for her shop, she’s got the best shop, antiques mixed with jewelry 🙂 This day we had to choose new jewelry for the winter collection. I wish I could have all those beautiful earrings!

About my outfit, I love this dark maroon colour and my mum just bought me another pair of tights and a sweater in the same colour! Thanks a lot mum! And by the way, this is a woolen dress, which was perfect for the weather at first (in the morning), but then the sun started to shine,and I was dying in my woolen dress… I had to wait till we got home so I could change in a short summerdress without those tights! Maybe after all, this dress is more suitable for winter occasions.. And I have to admit that my hat isn’t very summerproof either..

Xx Tall

ps. Check out the latest version of my friend Lai-Yan’s nails, she did this beautiful pink ombre but now added black stickers with diamonds to it!

Tall – Princess


A few weeks ago my parents friends gave me this amazing dress. It’s amazing how perfectly it fits! I’m totally in love with it and feel like a princess while wearing 🙂

I was so happy with it, so to thank them I cooked diner for them and my parents (and myself of course 😉 ) I made differend kinds of sushi, they all liked it a lot! So everbody’s happy 🙂 And again, Thanks Jan & Adrie for giving me this great dress!!

Check the pictures of the sushi, don’t you think it looks delicious?

Xx Tall

ps. what do you think of my cute mini suitcase? 🙂 and our cute dog? His name is (Surprise!) Jack

cutest animal in the zoo


2 weeks ago I went to the zoo in Germany and I wanted to show you these cute little animals, called prairie dogs. Aren’t they sweet? They just eat out of your hand 🙂

Xx Tall

playing some music

Hi there!

Here’s a quick elvi-update! Last weekend I had a short break, because my grandparents have been married for 60 years, so they wanted to celebrate this great day! We’ve been together with family and off course there needed to be some music! So my dad, uncles, cousins and I played some music for my grandparents!

It was the first time I tried playing the mandolin, I love it! Although I have to get used to the ‘not so soft’ strings! But I’m definately going to practice!!

We also went to the zoo in Germany, next update I’ll show you some pics of my favorite animals there!

Now I’m off, back to study Chinese religion…

=Xx- elvi

ps. Jade, I’m jealous of your food!!!