Black and Yellow

Hi there!

When I choose this outfit this morning I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was dressed to the name of a song: Black and Yellow. But my friend Laura was kind enough to remind me of this when she saw me when we had lunch together (this time with Lai-Yan too!). I’m still not sure if it’s a good thing though…

The top was made by my mum! I’ve got a lot of her old clothes (mostly made by herself) that she wore herself when she was around my age. I just love that I can still use her old style to mix with my own style! The funny thing is that the clothes look totally different on me, because my mum’s hair is blond and she’s got blue eyes, so you can understand that I look more like my dad, but my mum did give me my height 😉

I’ve still got some days of studying ahead of me, monday I’ll be free at last!  This was the last day of lunch with Laura, because her holiday will start tomorrow! And Jade has already left town yesterday.. The good thing is that we’ll see each other in 1,5 week at Jade’s b-dayparty! (We’ve got the best presents ever, too bad I can’t show them yet, but we’re sure Jade will love every single present!!)

Byebye for now,

Xx Tall

ps. Take a closer look at my earrings, they’re ants!