Kaishi! 开始!


We had our first exam today! It was our most important Chinese exam, which mostly contains grammar and vocabulary exercises, and which basically is our theoretical exam. Tomorrow and Thursday we still have to do our practical Chinese exams. Then, two weeks later we have to do some other exams like Chinese literature, classical Chinese etc. It’s tough, but on the other hand, we have the summer ahead of us now. At least, we sure hope we do! We read in the newspaper today, that Western Europe is going to have the worst summer since 1816, that’s almost 200 years ago! Also, since our last summer kind of sucked (due to resit exams and working) we were really hoping to catch up on some summer… So please oh please let the weather be good, or we might just sink into a deep state of some kind of.. — wait let’s not think about the possible depressing consequences, let’s just hope it’ll be okay!!

Check out this picture from a while ago. See mister weather? That’s the kind of weather we like.

xx Tall and tiny

Tall en tiny

DIY: Sweater & Collar Clips

Hi there!

This is a diy tutorial where I explain how to make your own collar / sweater clips. I got this idea when I saw the first picture of Annika Victoria’s diy collar clips tutorial (see it here @ ‘The Pineneedle Collective). I just saw the pic on facebook and immediately thought she used old clip earrings and made collar clips from it. But then I read the tutorial and found out she made them all by herselve out of clay! Pretty cool, but I was thinking about all those great vintage clip earrings waiting for me in my mum’s shop. I just used the clips that have been lying there for a longer time, because they’re a bit too big to put on your ears, but would look great as collar clips. My mum gave them to me : ) and I also made some extra clips for her to sell as well! It’s really one of the most easy diy tutorials (it only contains 2 steps), so please read on!

collar clips
collar clips - what you need
collar clips - tutorial
collar clips - the result

I hope you like this very easy diy tutorial. I’ve made 9 different pairs by now and will definately make more! You’ll see these pretty collar clips again in our next outfit posts!


Ps. Here are some more great examples of other people wearing collar / sweater clips:

Pps. If you have any questions, or if you’ve tried this diy tutorial, please let me know! ^^

Ppp: For the Dutch girls, if you like them and you don’t want to make them by yourself, you can buy them in my mum’s shop! (prices between 7,50 and 15 euro)

sweater collar clips

(pics from: The Pineneedle Collective / Paper Doll Dresses / Handmade Reviews / Paige Joanna / Tumblr )

D&G or vintage?


Last week our friend Laura sent Elvi a text message saying, “Dolce & Gabbana have your vintage embroidered bag in their latest collection!” She just had seen the D&G advertisement in the British Vogue and that was just a couple of hours after she had seen Elvi with her bag! Coincidence? Elvi got this bag for her birthday this year (which was in april), she got it from her mum after they visited the ‘Museum of Bags and Purses’ in Amsterdam (if you’re in Amsterdam sometime you should go check it out! They have the most amazing collection of bags!). And the best thing of this story is that we think Elvi’s bag looks even better than the (very expensive) D&G version!

Which one do you like most?

Tall & tiny

ps. Jade is at this moment watching ‘The Hobbit’ in the cinema, so expect a hobbit post tomorrow!

tall & tiny (vintage embroidered D&G style bag)

vintage embroidered bag

Tall & tiny's choice
Tall & tiny’s choice van elviism met floral handbags

Cruella, Cruella De Vil


Just another day at school yesterday. One of our classes was cancelled and that gave us some time off which made us so happy! Elvi had her friend Lara from the Netherlands coming over and they had a great time together! Check out a picture of them dancing together below!

Also, about our outfits, when Elvi arrived at school Jade instantly said she reminded her of Cruella de Vil of Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel and Disney’s 1961 animated film adaptation: ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians’. In the movie she looks awful though, which obviously Elvi doens’t. Elvi looked like what Cruella would have looked like if she was a nice woman. Two weeks ago Jade and her boyfriend watched the Disney movie while they each had one of their dogs on their lap. One of them was sleeping like a princess and the other one (the puppy) was actually looking at the television and responding to the dogs’ barking. When the dogs barked her eyes became so big! You can see it in a picture below, it’s adorable!

Disney movies are timeless aren’t they? As are our outfits sometimes, I mean come on we could have totally rocked these looks a couple of decades ago! Don’t you agree? Scroll all the way down to see us in an ‘old looking’ picture!

Love, TNT

Yesterdays’ outfits, Elvi rocking the Cruella look (with her new hat!)

Looking fabulous in our coats

A close-up of Elvi’s accessories, lovely belt eh? *sparkle sparkle*

Jade and her boyfriend watching ‘The Hundred and One Dalmatians’ with their dogs in the Ardennes

Wookiee watching the movie with great focus

Us in an ‘old looking’ photo. We would love to get into a time machine and experience those 50’s and 60’s outfits!

Elvi and her friend Lara dancing together


We’re back!

Hi there!

Finally we’re back together at the same place so we can make new outfit posts! We both got quite different looks this day, but they’re both fun and unusual! Check out Elvi’s beautiful lace collar with a gorgeous brooch, her braided hair and her awesome cat nails! Also scroll down to see Jade’s Star Wars skirt (thanks mom and dad, great birthday gift!), elephant necklace (Thank you Derian ^^) and rings (again, thanks sweetie!). The handbag is also new (thanks Derian, Chloë, Kiwi and Grandma!), do you like it?

School started this week and we’re not so happy about it (because we have sooo much homework already), but the good thing is that we’re together with our friends here 🙂 That really makes everything better.. We get by with a little help from our friends!

Now we’ve got to go back to school again! (till 9 o’clock in the evening..yay..)

Tall & tiny

I ♥ Antwerp


Today I went to this amazing second hand store called T2 -which stands for ‘think twice’- in my hometown: Antwerp. They do these great sales days every month where they count down, every day the sales get better, and the last day they sell everything for just 1 euro a piece (sweater, dress, necklace, shoes.. whatever!). I went there with my boyfriend Derian and the two dogs today, and I bought an adorable 60’s dress, a really pretty sweater, a checkered skirt (ready for the autumn!) and a big dress of which I’m going to make my puppy Wookiee a sweater! I also discovered this amazing store where they sell mad-men-like dresses which are sooo stunning but alas I can’t afford those.. Before we went home again, we ate delicious Belgian waffles! If you ever visit Belgium, you have to try one! They’re so yummy! Then we rested at home (the doggies were tired ^^). Then later on the day, we went to the ikea (which I suppose you are all familiar with..) and then to the saturn (they sell all kinds of multimedia, including video games) and the maisons du monde (which is a multicultural furniture store where my sister, me and Derian worked for a while). Then Derian and I cooked a delicious meal and had a nice evening. =) Isn’t that just what a good day should be like? ^^ Tomorrow we’re going to the Ardennes! I love being in nature and I’m very exited because it’s Wookiee’s first time in a forest!

Below you can see me holding a dress in the T2, which is the 60’s one I ended up buying and I will post an outfit picture soon. In the Ikea picture, I’m wearing the new skirt and sweater. Do you like them?


Tiny Jadie

Klimt in the park

Hello all!

Last time I posted a photo on chictopia someone posted a comment saying “TOO CASUAL”. Another time, a while ago someone told us our photo was “too much”. Now I started thinking about this “too”. What is it? What does it mean? What is it based upon? Can something be “too” nowadays? I think not. There is a difference of course, between something esthetically and morally. If you think someone is too skinny and you’re concerned about one’s health, I understand that. But I don’t believe an outfit can be too casual, or too much. Everyone has their own style and personality, and we live in a century where that should be approved and appreciated. So I think the people who comment “too” anything on our photo’s are behaving a little old fashioned. And in capital letters? Now that’s just rude..

That discussion aside, I went to the park today wearing my brand new Romwe klimt leggings! I love them! They’re based upon the painting “Der Kuss“, painted by Gustav Klimt. I love the painting and I love the leggings! I went to the park with my boyfriend and our dogs and it was a great walk. At least it wasn’t raining so bad like last time..

I also got my resit exam results and I nearly passed, but alas, didn’t. Ah well.. I’m glad the rest of my exams in june went well. Now I’m still crossing my fingers for Elvi, go go go!! Oh and do you like my brooch? I also got that from Elvi for my birthday. ^^ And where is it from? Yup, her mom’s store. ; ) Thanks, I love it!


tiny jade